Introducing the Revamped Wallets Page in the Exchange App

Stay on top of your portfolio with our redesigned Wallets page

Mar 22, 2023
New Wallets Page Content Hub 1 is pleased to introduce the new and improved Wallets page in the Exchange App. 

With this update, users can easily review their asset performance at a quick glance without having to navigate through multiple screens.

Key Highlights

  • Animated line chart to visualise asset values in the past 7, 14, and 30 days.
  • An enhanced ‘Assets’ tab featuring a sleek donut chart and list of tokens.
  • A ‘Transactions’ tab displaying the five most recent transactions.
  • A personalised message feature that helps users stay informed on the markets.

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The Exchange App enables users to access a wide variety of features, manage their account, and trade on-the-go.

For more details about the Exchange App’s functions, trading features, and account management, visit the Help Centre.

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