Enjoy 2x Referral Bonuses: Invite your friends and you both get USD 50

For Singapore Users Only

Oct 13, 2021

We are excited to announce another exclusive campaign for our Crypto.com App Users in Singapore! For a limited time only, we’re doubling your Referral Bonus.

Campaign Period: Wednesday, 13 October at 18:30 SGT – Monday, 25 October at 17:59 SGT

For each successful sign-up during the Campaign Period, you and your friends will both receive USD 50 of CRO. There are no referral limits. Each user can invite as many friends as they like and get rewarded every time. Share your Referral Link to start earning now!

How do I participate?

  • Complete KYC verification for your Crypto.com App account (Guide)
  • Use your unique Referral Code or Link to invite friends to download the Crypto.com App (FAQ)
  • You can track your referrals by going to the Superapp Menu > Refer in the App
  • Your referee needs to download the Crypto.com App and sign up with your referral code/link during the Campaign Period for you and the referee to be eligible to receive the bonus
  • Please note that your referral must pass KYC Verification, and stake CRO for a Crypto.com Visa Card (Details) for you and your referral to receive your respective USD 50 CRO sign-on bonuses

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  • Services in Singapore are provided by Foris DAX Asia PTE LTD (trading under the brand name “Crypto.com”), which operates under an exemption under the Payment Services (Exemption for Specified Period) Regulations 2019. Please see our SG Terms and Conditions for more details about the terms and conditions applicable for services provided to Singapore persons.
  • The Enjoy 2X Referral Bonuses Campaign is only available to Crypto.com App users in Singapore. Both Referee and Referral must be Crypto.com App users in Singapore to be eligible to receive the USD 50 CRO sign-on bonus.
  • Only participants who sign up for an account through a referral code or link during the campaign period will be eligible to receive the bonus. Participants must follow up with completed KYC verification and stake CRO for a Crypto.com Visa Card to receive the USD 50 CRO sign-on bonus.
  • The USD 50 CRO sign-on bonus will be unlocked and credited into the referrers’ and referrals’ Crypto.com CRO Wallet instantly after the referral has successfully reserved a Metal Crypto.com Visa Card.
  • The USD/CRO exchange rate for the referral is based on the referral’ sign-up bonus unlock time (when they complete a valid transaction). Meanwhile, the referrers’ USD/CRO rate is calculated based on the sign-up bonus lock time when the referral registers to the referral program successfully.
  • The links provided above to helpful information are for reference only.
  • Crypto.com reserves the right to cancel the campaign or amend the campaign mechanics or rules at any time at our sole discretion.
  • All personal data collected is used strictly for verification purposes only.
  • By accepting the prize, referrers agree to the Privacy Notice of Crypto.com, which is published at https://crypto.com/en/privacy/global.html.

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