Discover the Origins of the Dark Lions

A fighting force of apex predators hellbent on destroying every Loaded Lion and Cyber Cub

Nov 23, 2023

“Peace is an illusion, only death and destruction await”. The unknown orb species that had taken over Mane City have finally revealed their identity. The Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs barely had time to process this shocking message before a deafening and bloodcurdling roar reverberated across the lands.

It was a signal for every orb to unleash what’s within – the Dark Lions. What was once a rumour is now the gravest threat to every being in Mane City. The Dark Lions have time travelled 370 years from the future. 

370 years into the future, the Loaded Lions are seen flourishing as the rulers of Mane City. They have built a strong empire for themselves including generations of wealth, the most high-tech weapons and the greatest civilisation there ever was. 

Meanwhile, the Dark Lions were a lost species wandering in the outskirts of Cronos, hungry and tired. Due to the generosity of the Loaded Lions, they had taken the Dark Lions in, clothed, fed and equipped them with weapons. After staying in Mane City for a period of time, the two different Lion species soon began to knock heads, both thinking they were the superior Lion and should rule Mane City. The Dark Lions attempted to overrule the Loaded Lions, however, they could not gain the support of the citizens of Mane City. Furthermore, the Loaded Lions were simply too powerful. Their only option was to go back in time and attempt to stop the Loaded Lions before they could build their empire and annihilate them entirely. 

Upon hearing this, the Cyber Cubs knew they had to go back in time to warn the Loaded Lions. With their incredible knowledge and advanced technology, they opened a portal which brought them into the arcade of the Loaded Lions Mansion. They convinced the Lions to journey to Cronos partly for the abundance of opportunities the land has to offer, and partly to flee from the impending danger of the Dark Lions. 

Now here they are, in Mane City and in full force. It seems like the Cyber Cubs and the Loaded Lions have underestimated the strength of the Dark Lions. Determined to change the future and take control of their fate, the Dark Lions are hell bent on taking over this vast land. They are masters on the battlefield, never giving up an opportunity for chaos or bloodshed. When they set foot in Mane City, the world will truly know pain. There can only be one set of felines in this universe.

Stay tuned for more details about the Dark Lions mint date, price, and the utilities they boast. 

Remember to bookmark this dedicated page for the Dark Lions and keep a lookout for the drop date.

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