Tax Is Now Available in Austria

A hassle-free tax season awaits

Apr 14, 2022
Content Hub Thumbnail Static Austria Tax is making its mark around the world, having launched in eight countries so far. We’re excited to announce that Austria will be the ninth nation and users will no longer need to worry about filing their taxes.

With Tax, users can easily generate a full crypto tax report in just four steps. Furthermore, this platform is completely free-of-charge.

Over 30 popular exchanges and wallets are supported on Tax, allowing users to import transactions via a CSV file or API sync. What’s more, taxable capital gains and losses are automatically calculated, saving users even more time and effort.

Once all transactions are uploaded, it takes just one click to generate a full tax report. You can then export your report across multiple file formats and conveniently file your crypto taxes from there.

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For more information about Tax, please visit the Help Centre or reach out to us via the in-app chat. We’re here to help.


  1. Please note that the following is not legal advice and should only be regarded as a summary of the current tax circumstances regarding cryptocurrencies in Austria.  
  1. The calculations are intended for full year tax residents of Austria. If you are subject to deemed disposition rules as a covered expatriate, you will need to determine your relevant proceeds and adjusted cost basis.
  1. These calculations support users who are engaging in cryptocurrency transactions for investment purposes only. Individuals participating in cryptocurrency transactions that constitute ‘business activities’ cannot apply these calculations to Austrian income tax reporting. We would suggest you consult with your tax advisor for the details.
  1. This tax report has been prepared on the basis of the general tax provisions and does not take into account individual circumstances. We therefore advise you to contact a tax advisor regarding the taxation of income from cryptocurrencies.

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