NFT Adds Security Measures to Further Safeguard Your NFTs

Withdraw digital collectibles with a full peace of mind

Jun 27, 2022
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As part of our commitment to offer the best security for users’ NFT accounts, we have introduced new measures for withdrawals. These give users more protection while offering greater flexibility. They are:

  • Withdrawal address whitelisting – Collectors can now whitelist withdrawal addresses. This makes it more convenient to withdraw NFTs while reducing errors associated with copy and pasting addresses for each withdrawal.
  • 24-hour withdrawal lock  By enabling this, collectors can lock withdrawals for 24 hours after they add a new whitelisted address or make changes to their email, passwords, or 2FA.
  • Mandatory whitelist withdrawal – Collectors can ensure withdrawals are made only to addresses that they have whitelisted with this feature. 

Simply head to the Security settings to set up these new features.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) must first be activated to enable the 24-hour withdrawal lock and mandatory whitelist withdrawal. Learn how to set up 2FA here.

Visit our FAQ for more information about the 24-hour withdrawal lock and whitelisting addresses.

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