App Launches Google Pay™ In-App Purchase Feature

Buy crypto in just a few taps

Jul 25, 2022 App has launched Google Pay in-app purchase feature, allowing users to purchase crypto quickly and securely.

What is Google Pay?
Google Pay is a fast, simple way to make in-app purchases on mobile devices, enabling users to make payments with Android phones, tablets, or watches.

How does it work?
To use this feature, users must first add their credit/debit card to their Google Pay. After setting up their Google Pay with their bank card, users will be able to use Google Pay as a quick and secure way to purchase 250+ top coins in the App.

How to purchase crypto with Google Pay?
1. Tap Trade on the homepage in the App
2. Tap Buy and select a cryptocurrency
3. Under Cash, select Google Pay and tap the Buy button again
4. Tick the checkbox to accept the card processing fee and tap Continue
5. Tap Confirm to complete the purchase 
Once the purchase is complete, the balances will be updated accordingly in users’ Crypto Wallet and they will also be able to check their transaction history in the App.

Launch the App or visit our Help Centre for more information about the feature. 




Google Pay

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