Loaded Lions: Mane City World Series Season 1: Rise of the Golden City

Win from a prize pool of US$174,000+ in CRO and NFT rewards

Nov 08, 2023

Tycoons, we’re exactly one week away from Loaded Lions: Mane City’s World Series Season 1: Rise of the Golden City! Over the past few weeks we’ve announced a series of rewards for the top 1,000 players on the leaderboard at the end of the season. Here’s a recap of all the prizes, how they’ll be distributed, and what each players stands to win:

Update as of 8 Nov: Since the competitive season started, the prize pool has accumulated to a total of US$174,000+. With voucher rewards valued at over US$150,000+ and NFT rewards valued at over $24,000+. 

The total prize pool of US$174,000+ consists of two parts: Vouchers and NFT rewards. 


While the starting Voucher rewards are valued at over US$109,000, the sky’s the limit because a whopping 15% of total in-game spending during the Competitive Mode season will be added to the ongoing season prize pool. This is prime time to start inviting your friends to play Loaded Lions: Mane City! The more players that spend in-game, the larger the prize pool becomes.

Vouchers can be exchanged for CRO at a rate of 1,000 Vouchers = 1 CRO. They may also be exchanged for Diamonds at a special rate. Please refer to the Mane City Playbook for more details.

NFT Rewards

The starting NFT rewards are valued at over US$24000, based on the floor price of an ‘Elite Tool’ NFT as of 8 November 2023. This does not include the one-of-a-kind Pride Leader, Silver Spirit, Bronze Valour, and Lion’s Tenacity Awards. 

From left to right: Lion’s Tenacity Award, Bronze Valour Award, Silver Spirit Award, Pride Leader Award. 

50 of 100 variations of Elite Tool NFTs.

Now that you have the full picture of what you’ll be competing for, you have exactly one week to prepare for Rise of the Golden City! Good luck to all Mane City Tycoons.

Additional Information

Visit the official Mane City website or sign up to Crypto.com NFT for all the latest updates on everything Loaded Lions: Mane City. For more information on how to get started, check out the Mane City playbook here

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