Introducing the Revamped Exchange API Broker Programme

Take your business to new heights with enhanced commissions, automated payouts, and much more

Nov 24, 2023
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The Exchange is excited to introduce an upgraded API Broker Programme!

This revamp is designed to offer our brokers an unparalleled trading experience, with a host of new features and benefits:

Enhanced Commission Rates

Brokers stand to earn a commission of up to 50%, positioning our programme as one of the industry’s most competitive.

Sub-Broker Commission Sharing

Brokers can easily boost conversions while empowering their network by sharing a portion of their commission with sub-brokers and community members. What’s more, brokers receive an additional 5% commission when referring new users, who will also enjoy a bonus 15% trading fee rebate.

Automated and Faster Payouts

No more waiting for payouts! We’re introducing automated daily payouts in USD, ensuring that brokers receive their earnings swiftly and efficiently. 

Advanced Dashboard and Reporting

With the enhanced Broker Portal, performance tracking has never been simpler. Brokers can seamlessly access a top-down overview of their earnings and take an in-depth look at the trading volume and history of their referred users.

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We aim to provide our brokers with a system that not only generously rewards their efforts, but also fosters a collaborative and thriving trading community. With all these improvements, we’re setting a new standard for broker programmes in crypto.

In addition to these enhancements and new benefits, Exchange API Brokers also enjoy 24/7 support, a top-tier trading infrastructure, and exclusive marketing support. Formula 1 passes and NBA game tickets are just the tip of the iceberg..

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