Launches ARS Fiat Wallet

Argentina users can enjoy local and instantaneous Fiat Wallet transfers

Nov 11, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of ARS deposit and withdrawal fiat wallet to Argentines! With a simple set up process, this local fiat wallet gives Argentines an instant and lower deposit limit to fund their account via Debin for crypto purchases.

Debin is a real-time transfer method that enables customers of participating banks to send and receive ARS almost instantly. The Argentina Fiat Wallet is available for new users signing up from today. We’re currently releasing this feature progressively for our existing users and will be available for all users in Argentina in the coming weeks. 

Transaction Limits

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*Additional fees may be applied by users’ bank and/or their intermediary banks, and any of such fees shall be borne by users entirely.

How It Works

To enjoy zero-fee deposits via the ARS fiat wallet, first connect your bank account by making a deposit. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Set up your Fiat Wallet by adding ARS as a new currency 
  2. Add or select an existing verified bank account to connect to the ARS Fiat Wallet.
  3. Enter the ARS transfer amount and click ‘deposit’. 
  4. Receive an email and click the confirmation link in the email within 72 hours 
  5. Login your banking account to accept the money transfer request 
  6. Receive notice of transfer process
  7. The deposit amount will be reflected on the fiat wallet balance once the transaction completed

Note: You need to click the confirmation link in your email within 72 hours during the deposit process, otherwise your transaction will be cancelled. 

For more information on ARS Fiat Wallet, please visit the related FAQ: 

Not a App user? Download the App now and start trading. 


The Fiat Wallet service is operated by a local independent third-party provider. The Fiat Wallet is neither a bank account nor a free-availability payment account. The funds in the Fiat Wallet are not bank deposits and are not guaranteed by any official insurance system.

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