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Nov 01, 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of University, a one-stop learning hub to enhance your crypto knowledge. You can now access a range of insightful articles in the App, test your understanding with quizzes, and get rewarded for each course you pass. 

What Is University? University hosts a series of learning programmes on various topics, including blockchain, trading, and NFTs. Each programme includes quizzes and Missions to boost your understanding of that topic. 

Learning Programmes

Every learning programme consists of three parts:

  • Courses: Each course is made up of related articles, which are written by an expert in the topic from the Team. 
  • Assessments: There will be a preliminary assessment to determine your understanding of the topic. After each course, there will be a Final Test.
  • Missions: To cement your understanding of the topic, you are encouraged to complete a relevant Mission in the App.  

Upon successfully completing a course, you will be rewarded with Diamonds, which can be used to redeem an array of items in the Missions Rewards Store, such as CRO Mystery Boxes, exclusive NFTs, and event tickets. 

Three courses will be available at launch: Market Conditions, Trading Strategies and Features, and Token Education. Start your learning journey now!

How University Benefits You

With University, we hope to educate users in a fun and interactive way to make learning about crypto more enjoyable. Being more well-versed with the crypto industry will enable users to be more confident when trading and using our other products and services. 

For more information on University, check out the Help Centre.

Not a App user? Download the App now and start trading. 

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