9 More Tokens Now Available for Recurring Buys in the Crypto.com App

Automate your purchases for over 44 tokens

Jul 11, 2022
9 New Tokens On Recurring Buy Contenthub

We are pleased to announce that 9 more tokens are now available for Recurring Buys in the Crypto.com App. Users can now use the dollar-cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy for more tokens and automate purchases for as low as US$15. 

New tokens supported:  1INCH, ACA, BNT, LOKA, YGG, GAL, OP, IMX, FLOW

Over 44 tokens are now available for Recurring Buys. For the full list of supported tokens, please visit here

Options: Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

Payment methods: Credit card, stablecoins, Fiat Wallet 

Minimum amount: US$15

Maximum no. of recurring buys per month: 5

Credit card purchase monthly limit (US$): 

CRO staked levelMonthly limit 
Midnight BlueUS$1,000 
Ruby SteelUS$2,000 
Jade Green/Royal IndigoUS$5,000 
Icy White/Rose GoldUS$20,000 
CRO staked levelMidnight Blue
Monthly limit US$1,000 
CRO staked levelRuby Steel
Monthly limit US$2,000 
CRO staked levelJade Green/Royal Indigo
Monthly limit US$5,000 
CRO staked levelIcy White/Rose Gold
Monthly limit US$20,000 
CRO staked levelObsidian
Monthly limit US$40,000

Build your stacks and easily turn your dollars into more crypto over time. 

Set Up Recurring Buys Now

Please refer to our Help Centre for more details.

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