Weekly NFT Update (Week 7, 16/02/2022 – 22/02/2022)

NBA Top Shot offers 30 NFTs with All-Star Game passes + other perks. JPMorgan launches lounge in Decentraland. Harmony debuts Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Passport.

Feb 23, 2022
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Key Takeaways

  • NBA Top Shot announced on Friday that it will auction off 30 NFTs that grant their holders VIP access to the next five annual NBA All-Star Games, plus other real-world perks. 
  • Blockchain platform Harmony launched the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Passport, which enables users to import proof of their apes into play-to-earn game DeFi Kingdoms
  • JPMorgan took a big step in the metaverse and NFT spaces last week with a virtual Decentraland lounge, as it seeks to capitalise on what it calls a ‘$1 trillion opportunity.’ 
  • LooksRare recorded a -50% decrease in sales and a -14% drop in transactions. OpenSea recorded a -8% decrease in sales and a +41% jump in transactions.

Crypto.com NFT in the Spotlight

  • ‘AlphaBot Society’ is the first community-driven, choose-your-own-adventure PFP project on Crypto.com, designed by 3D artist Travis Ragdale. Each AlphaBot in this 10,000 PFP collection is a unique digital collectible avatar with various traits, textures, and components, making PFP special and individual in its own way. Set in the distant future, the AlphaBots are a race of sentient robots created by Decentel, a metaverse corporation.
  • Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team is proud to bring to life its latest ‘The next drop on our journey’ NFT drop, offering its fans the chance to seal their own piece of history. This collection features AMR22, the team’s first car designed for F1’s technical regulation revolution, in a global launch at the home of Aston Martin Lagonda in Gaydon, U.K. Fans will be given the exclusive opportunity to own up to four CGI-designed individual car components from the groundbreaking AMR22. But that’s not all: any fan who collects all four pieces will then be airdropped the full AMR22, with those lucky few then earning redeemable rewards as a result.
  • Panos Pagonis’ ‘MetaTarot’ (Tarot of the Metaverse) is bringing into the world of NFTs and crypto the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck, recreated in 3D art. All the cards of the original deck have been carefully handcrafted in the 3D world. The NFTs maintain the traditional elements and meanings of the original cards, while also being enriched with cryptocurrency characteristics.


Transaction Volume Benchmark

PlatformWeekly Volume USDWeekly Volume WoW (%)YTD Volume USDAll-Time Volume USDTransaction Count #Transaction Count WoW (%)Average Price USDAverage Price WoW (%)
NBA Top Shot$12.12M+19%$98.27M$923.69M1,569,549+41%$7-15%
Weekly Volume USD$778M
Weekly Volume WoW (%)-50%
YTD Volume USD$18.08B
All-Time Volume USD$18.08B
Transaction Count #7,030
Transaction Count WoW (%)-14%
Average Price USD$111k
Average Price WoW (%)-42%
Weekly Volume USD$1.11B
Weekly Volume WoW (%)-8%
YTD Volume USD$10.01B
All-Time Volume USD$25.46B
Transaction Count #1,031,733
Transaction Count WoW (%)+41%
Average Price USD$1,076
Average Price WoW (%)-35%
Weekly Volume USD$6.61M
Weekly Volume WoW (%)
YTD Volume USD$8.16M
All-Time Volume USD$8.16M
Transaction Count #24,087
Transaction Count WoW (%)
Average Price USD$274
Average Price WoW (%)
PlatformNBA Top Shot
Weekly Volume USD$12.12M
Weekly Volume WoW (%)+19%
YTD Volume USD$98.27M
All-Time Volume USD$923.69M
Transaction Count #1,569,549
Transaction Count WoW (%)+41%
Average Price USD$7
Average Price WoW (%)-15%
Weekly Volume USD$1.75M
Weekly Volume WoW (%)-12%
YTD Volume USD
All-Time Volume USD$424.4M
Transaction Count #8,007
Transaction Count WoW (%)-38%
Average Price USD$218
Average Price WoW (%)+42%
* Week-on-Week (WoW) % change is calculated based on the differences between two subsequent 7-day periods
* Year-to-Date (YTD) volume is calculated from the first day of the current year to the current date

* Transaction count & average price refers to the number of traders and average price of the 7-day period
* LooksRare launched on 10 January 2022
* X2Y2 launched on 16 February 2022

* LooksRare, OpenSea data from Dune Analytics
* X2Y2, NBA Top Shot data from DappRadar
* Solanart data from Solanart.io

Top Collectibles

Project NameWeekly Volume (USD)Transaction CountNumber of Buyers
NFT Worlds$26,457,471638422
Axie Infinity$17,827,223256,56485,981
Project Name3Landers
Weekly Volume (USD)$30,736,379
Transaction Count9,127
Number of Buyers4,645
Project NameNFT Worlds
Weekly Volume (USD)$26,457,471
Transaction Count638
Number of Buyers422
Project Namemfer
Weekly Volume (USD)$24,719,189
Transaction Count2,075
Number of Buyers1,221
Project NameAzuki
Weekly Volume (USD)$21,762,471
Transaction Count482
Number of Buyers387
Project NameAxie Infinity
Weekly Volume (USD)$17,827,223
Transaction Count256,564
Number of Buyers85,981
* Collectibles data from CryptoSlam.io

The following chart shows selected top NFTs and their historical floor prices.

Upcoming NFT Sales

The following table shows top upcoming NFT sales (by market cap) and a sample of their art.

Project NameSale DatePrice (ETH)ItemsMarket Cap (ETH)Sample
Novatar27 Feb 20220.110,0001,000
Lunar Colony Alpha1 Mar 20220.0810,000800
M101 Shelter27 Feb 20220.067,000420
Groovy Owl Society20 Mar 20220.0410,000400
Beellionaire Club25 Feb 20220.057,777388.85
Cool Coati Club26 Feb 20220.0356,000210
CryptoWatchz25 Feb 20220.042,999119.96
Project NameNovatar
Sale Date27 Feb 2022
Price (ETH)0.1
Market Cap (ETH)1,000
Project NameLunar Colony Alpha
Sale Date1 Mar 2022
Price (ETH)0.08
Market Cap (ETH)800
Project NameM101 Shelter
Sale Date27 Feb 2022
Price (ETH)0.06
Market Cap (ETH)420
Project NameGroovy Owl Society
Sale Date20 Mar 2022
Price (ETH)0.04
Market Cap (ETH)400
Project NameBeellionaire Club
Sale Date25 Feb 2022
Price (ETH)0.05
Market Cap (ETH)388.85
Project NameCool Coati Club
Sale Date26 Feb 2022
Price (ETH)0.035
Market Cap (ETH)210
Project NameCryptoWatchz
Sale Date25 Feb 2022
Price (ETH)0.04
Market Cap (ETH)119.96

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