Weekly Layers 1 & 2 Update (Week 10, 08/03/2022 – 14/03/2022)

ETH investment funds reach record-high inflows in 13 weeks. EU parliament votes against ban on Proof-of-Work consensus. Layer 2 solution developer StarkWareLtd raises $100M at $6B valuation.

Mar 15, 2022
L1L2 (1200x728)

Key Takeaways


Week 10 Layer 1 Project Metrics
Sources: Coingecko, Etherscan, Ethernodes, Terra Station, Terra Etherscan, Avascan, Solana Beach, FTMscan, BSCscan, CronoScan, Cronos Explorer, DeFi Llama
Week 10 Layer 2 Project Metrics
Sources:  DeFi Llama, Polygonscan, Clark Moody Bitcoin, 1ML, Ronin Explorer, Coingecko, Optimistic Etherscan, Arbiscan, Boba Explorer, Andromeda Metis Explorer

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