Weekly GameFi Update (Week 15, 15/04/2022 – 21/04/2022)

Axie Infinity teases early land gameplay and is set to release Season 21 on 25 April. The Sandbox Game raises another US$400M and Snoop Dogg creates a music video entirely in the Sandbox Metaverse. Move-to-Earn game STEPN continues its momentum with Twitter follower count surging over 43% over 3 weeks to 295K.

Apr 22, 2022
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Key Takeaways


Game Updates

Top Gainers and Losers

Price Change (%)InfrastructureGamesGuilds
Top GainersIMX (+5.85%)
DAWN (+1.57%)
GMT (+40.09%)
ALICE (+3.89%)
POLIS (+2.5%)
UNIX (+1.1%)
Top LosersMBOX (-9.08%)
ENJ (-4.28%)
GALA (-3.67%)
ATLAS (-7.63%)
MANA (-3.57%)
AXS (-3.06%)
AGV (-24.09%)
GGG (-13.03%)
YGG (-9.24%)
Price Change (%)Top Gainers
InfrastructureIMX (+5.85%)
DAWN (+1.57%)
GamesGMT (+40.09%)
ALICE (+3.89%)
POLIS (+2.5%)
GuildsUNIX (+1.1%)
Price Change (%)Top Losers
InfrastructureMBOX (-9.08%)
ENJ (-4.28%)
GALA (-3.67%)
GamesATLAS (-7.63%)
MANA (-3.57%)
AXS (-3.06%)
GuildsAGV (-24.09%)
GGG (-13.03%)
YGG (-9.24%)
*Gaming Infrastructure tokens: ENJ, FLOW, WAXP, UOS, MBOX, DAWN, GALA, IMX
*Gaming Utility tokens: AXS, MANA, SAND, ALICE, ILV, ATLAS, POLIS, GODS, GMT
*Gaming Guild tokens: YGG, MC, UNIX, GGG, AGV

Top Games Metrics

Image 17
* Week-on-Week (WoW) % change is calculated based on the differences between two consecutive 7-day periods
* Users refer to the number of unique wallet addresses interacting with the dApp’s smart contracts
* Weekly Volume refers to the total amount of incoming value to the dApp’s smart contracts during the 7-day period

* Weekly Transactions refer to the no. of transactions made on the dApp’s smart contracts during the 7-day period
* Stickiness refers to the ratio of daily active users (DAU) to monthly active users (MAU). A high stickiness means users consistently return to the dApp.
Splinterlands, Alien Worlds, MOBOX, Bomb Crypto, Axie Infinity, DeFi Kingdoms, Pegaxy, X World Games data from DappRadar

Top 15 Largest Tokens by Market Cap

Image 18
Source: CoinGecko, Crypto.com Research

Daily Gamers by Blockchain

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