Weekly DeFi Update (Week 12, 21/03/2022 – 27/03/2022)

Terra’s UST is now exchangeable for BTC thanks to the integration by Thorchain. Minswap becomes top DeFi protocol on Cardano. Cronos Ecosystem Grant Program revealed batch 2 of grantees.

Mar 28, 2022
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Key Takeaways 


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Top Token Metrics

MetricsTop 20 DeFi tokensmarket capTop 100 DeFi tokens market cap
7-Day Change+6.82%+8.86%
14-Day Change+15.39%+18.46%
Top 20 DeFi tokensmarket cap$99.14B
Top 100 DeFi tokens market cap$126.25B
Metrics7-Day Change
Top 20 DeFi tokensmarket cap+6.82%
Top 100 DeFi tokens market cap+8.86%
Metrics14-Day Change
Top 20 DeFi tokensmarket cap+15.39%
Top 100 DeFi tokens market cap+18.46%
*Top DeFi tokens based on CoinGecko
Source: CoinGecko

DeFi Index Tokens

Top GainersLRC (+28.14%)
REN (+21.41%)
UNI (+16.21%)
LRC (+210.80%)
NXM (+57.50%)
COMP (+36.45%)
LRC (+159.95%)
UMA (+4.55%)
Top LosersSNX (-1.43%)MKR (-22.63%)
CRV (-18.28%)
SNX (-16.35%)
COMP (-69.18%)
YFI (-63.79%)
NXM (-54.44%)
BenchmarkETH (+11.08%)ETH (+11.08%)ETH (-55.21%)
MetricsTop Gainers
PriceLRC (+28.14%)
REN (+21.41%)
UNI (+16.21%)
VolumeLRC (+210.80%)
NXM (+57.50%)
COMP (+36.45%)
VolatilityLRC (+159.95%)
UMA (+4.55%)
MetricsTop Losers
PriceSNX (-1.43%)
VolumeMKR (-22.63%)
CRV (-18.28%)
SNX (-16.35%)
VolatilityCOMP (-69.18%)
YFI (-63.79%)
NXM (-54.44%)
PriceETH (+11.08%)
VolumeETH (+11.08%)
VolatilityETH (-55.21%)

Notable Events

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Source: CoinGecko, DeFi Llama, Nomics

Notable Events

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