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Hong Kong crypto ETFs debut, Stripe reintroduces crypto payments, and Bitcoin miners are staying strong

May 03, 2024
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FUD entered the market, as Bitcoin dropped below its $60,000 support level earlier this week. But prices recovered on Wednesday as the U.S. Federal Reserve held interest rates steady. Stablecoin volumes continued to stay strong despite the price drops, with USDe volumes closing April above $13 billion. Finally, the meme coin sector that saw fading interest in April also got a boost last week

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News Snaps

💪 Miners Staying Strong Despite Halving

CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ji said that, despite a drop in Bitcoin mining revenues since the halving, Bitcoin miners have shown no signs of capitulation. He cited the 365-day Puell Multiple chart — a metric that estimates the level of sell pressure from miners.

🇭🇰 Hong Kong ETFs Debut 

The first spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs in Hong Kong launched on April 30. There are three Bitcoin and three Ether-based ETFs in the first batch, managed by China Asset Management and Harvest Global, plus a jointly managed product by Bosera Asset Management and Hashkey Capital. 

✒️ Spot Ether ETF Listed

Franklin Templeton listed its spot Ether ETF on the U.S. Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) website. DTCC is an important platform for securities transactions in the U.S., although the listing does not guarantee approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which last week postponed its decision on Ether ETF applications until June. 

💳 Stripe Reintroduces Crypto Payments

U.S. payment service provider Stripe will reintroduce crypto payments via USDC on the Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains in summer 2024. The company first supported Bitcoin as a payment option in 2018 but later halted the service. 

🔄 Peer-to-Peer Tokenized Shares

Franklin Templeton has enabled peer-to-peer transfers of tokenized shares for its Franklin OnChain U.S. Government Money Fund (FOBXX). According to, FOBXX currently has a $376 million market cap.

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Number of the Week


Chart of the Week

Bitcoin hit a daily record number of transactions of 927,010 on April 23. This is attributed to the Runes protocol, which accounted for 81% of the transactions on the day and a total of 57% of all Bitcoin transactions since its launch.


Crypto Trivia

Which decentralized compute crypto project holds partnerships with Google, Samsung, and Sony?

A) Theta Network
B) Render Network
C) Golem Network

Find the answer at the end of this newsletter.

NFT Spotlight

The Depot has been restocked with a batch of 6,000 ‘Elite’ Tactical Gear NFTs for your upcoming battles in Loaded Lions: Mane City Season 2. Dropping on May 4, these Elite Tactical Gear NFTs aren’t just for show — they enhance your arsenal of attacks or aid you in protecting your dream city.

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Product Picks

CDCETH Is Now Listed on Curve Finance and Convex Finance

You can now swap CDCETH and deposit into the CDCETH-WETH liquidity pool on Curve Finance and Convex Finance. Learn how to earn up to 50% in extra CDCETH, CRV, and CVX rewards in just a few steps. You can also deposit into the CDCETH-WETH liquidity pool directly from the DeFi Wallet!

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Buy the DIP (DIP)

DIP is a meme coin based on the Cronos blockchain.

Open Custody Protocol (OPEN)

Open Custody Protocol, formerly Qredo, enhances the security of digital assets by offering various key management methods.

Crypto Level Up


A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Wallets

A cryptocurrency wallet is actually a minor misnomer, being more akin to a keyholder for your assets’ private and public keys. It also reads the public ledger to show the balances in your addresses.

Why Do You Need a Wallet?

While you can store your cryptocurrency on a trading platform, it’s best to keep the majority of your assets in a wallet. This allows you to retain ownership of your private keys and have full control over your assets.

What Types of Wallets Are There?

There are two main types: software-based hot wallets and physical cold wallets. The former is connected to the web and easier to use, while the latter is offline but more secure.

Check out the full guide to crypto wallets.



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Security Tips

Google Sues Developers 

Last month, Google sued two app developers for allegedly uploading fraudulent cryptocurrency trading apps to the Play Store. They used the apps to facilitate a pig butchering scam and stole up to thousands of dollars per victim.

Dodge Pig Butchering Scams By:

1. Ignoring messages from an unknown sender. Even if they’re just asking about your day, it’s a hook for the scammer to persuade you to invest in scam projects.

2. Always doing your research. If a random stranger presents you with an opportunity too lucrative to be true, it likely is.

3. Staying updated about the latest scam tactics. The methods used by criminals are ever changing as they attempt to stay one step ahead of the authorities.

Crypto Trivia Answer

A) Theta Network (THETA) is a decentralized video streaming platform with big tech partnerships including Google, Samsung, and Sony.

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