NFT (Week 27, 06/07/2022 – 12/07/2022)

Reddit launches ‘Collectible Avatar’, an NFT-based profile picture marketplace. GameStop unveils public beta of its NFT marketplace. Terra-based NFT projects are starting to migrate to Polygon.

Jul 13, 2022
Weekly NFT Update Q2 2022

Key Takeaways NFT in the Spotlight

  • Bring to life your NFT art with Pay x Tokenframe: Showcase your coveted NFT collection with beautifully crafted and high-res displays with TokenFrame, which connects to your wallet for an authenticated NFT viewing experience. Pay has partnered with Tokenframe to give users an exclusive offer of 10% off storewide. This offer ends 25 July 2022. Check out the website for more details.
  • The upcoming NFT drop “Nostalgia” conveys the thematic sentiment of nostalgia frequently portrayed in the artist’s collage art and features various redeemable scenarios. Created by Caitlyn Grabenstein, this latest collection is an exemplary depiction of how memories often bleed into our dreams and how our dreams can translate into our lives.


Transaction Volume Benchmark

Screen Shot 2022 07 13 At 7.10.28 Pm

Top Collectibles

Screen Shot 2022 07 13 At 7.12.04 Pm

* Source:

The following chart shows selected top NFTs and their historical floor prices.

Upcoming NFT Sales

The following table shows the top upcoming NFT sales and a sample of their art.

Project NameSale DatePriceItemsMarket CapSample
Bearded Buddies04 Aug 20220.26 (ETH)10,0002,600 (ETH)
Krilian. The change!09 Sep 20220.2 (ETH)8,8881,777.6 (ETH)
Cryptophants Preservation Club24 Jul 20222 (SOL)9,99919,998 (SOL)
Shibacademy NFT game30 Jul 20221.5 (SOL)8,88813,332 (SOL)
Not okay babies20 Jul 20221.5 (SOL)5,5558,332.5 (SOL)
Project NameBearded Buddies
Sale Date04 Aug 2022
Price0.26 (ETH)
Market Cap2,600 (ETH)
Project NameKrilian. The change!
Sale Date09 Sep 2022
Price0.2 (ETH)
Market Cap1,777.6 (ETH)
Project NameCryptophants Preservation Club
Sale Date24 Jul 2022
Price2 (SOL)
Market Cap19,998 (SOL)
Project NameShibacademy NFT game
Sale Date30 Jul 2022
Price1.5 (SOL)
Market Cap13,332 (SOL)
Project NameNot okay babies
Sale Date20 Jul 2022
Price1.5 (SOL)
Market Cap8,332.5 (SOL)

* Sources: Rarity Tools,

Top Artists

The following table shows selected top artists (by sales volume on each platform) and a sample of their art.

PlatformArtistSales Volume (USD)Sample NFTLoaded Lions$248,500
Magic EdenPrimates$584,133
OpenSeaCryptoPunks$15,544,800 NFT
ArtistLoaded Lions
Sales Volume (USD)$248,500
PlatformMagic Eden
Sales Volume (USD)$584,133
Sales Volume (USD)$15,544,800


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