NFT & Blockchain Gaming Weekly (22/12/2023)

Ubisoft’s pixel-based ‘Warlord’ NFTs generated over US$4.5M in sales. Sandbox transitioned its marketplace from Ethereum to Polygon. NFT Trader was hacked, with high-value NFTs stolen.

Dec 22, 2023 NFT and Gaming

Chart of the Week

Prominent game developer Ubisoft introduced ‘Warlord’ NFTs as part of its 2024 game release: Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. These NFTs, representing pixel-based avatar-style heroes, have generated over US$4.5 million in sales. Holders of Warlord NFTs will have access to future in-game character mints and the privilege of minting five Champions Tactics characters in the future.

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New Project Spotlight

NFT Collectibles

[Live] Crypto Eden

Featuring four intricate pieces, the ‘Crypto Eden’ collection celebrates the crypto world as one of the most magical ‘fruits’ of imagination in the modern world. Each human creation — whether art or technology — is considered by the artist Katya Rozz as a beautiful materialisation of ideas, feelings, and aspirations. Crypto Eden

[Upcoming] SMILER – Exclusive Drop‘SMILER – Exclusive Drop’ features the emblematic hero from the collaboration between the shooter game Citizen Conflict and NFT. Never to be minted again, Smiler is a scarce badge of honour for collectors and a ticket to unchartered gaming arenas, distinct skins, elite tournaments, and more. SMILER

NFT Metrics

PlatformCollection7D Sales Volume (USD)Floor Price
OpenSeaAzukiAzuki$17,832,211 (+153%)$64,661
OpenSeaMutant Ape Yacht ClubMutant Ape Yacht Club$11,880,459 (-19%)$26,204 Dark LionsDark Lions$348,176 (-74%)$290 Loaded LionsLoaded Lions$79,007 (-59%)$995
MintedVVS Miner MoleVVS Miner Mole$22,497 (+86%)$222
MintedCorgiAI VIP PassCorgiAI VIP Pass$4,255 (+263%)$1,222
7D Sales Volume (USD)$17,832,211 (+153%)
Floor Price
Mutant Ape Yacht Club
CollectionMutant Ape Yacht Club
7D Sales Volume (USD)$11,880,459 (-19%)
Floor Price
$26,204 Dark Lions
CollectionDark Lions
7D Sales Volume (USD)$348,176 (-74%)
Floor Price
$290 Loaded Lions
CollectionLoaded Lions
7D Sales Volume (USD)$79,007 (-59%)
Floor Price
VVS Miner Mole
CollectionVVS Miner Mole
7D Sales Volume (USD)$22,497 (+86%)
Floor Price
CorgiAI VIP Pass
CollectionCorgiAI VIP Pass
7D Sales Volume (USD)$4,255 (+263%)
Floor Price
As of 21 Dec 2023
Sources: OpenSea, Minted, Research

Blockchain Game Metrics

The following table shows selected top games by weekly volume in USD:

GameBlockchain(s)7D Volume (USD)7D UAW
Loaded Lions Mane CityLoaded Lions: Mane CityCronos$11,460 (-88%)2,318 (-10%)
Axie InfinityAxie InfinityEthereum, Ronin$17,457,900 (-38%)41,624 (-3%)
DeFi KingdomsDeFi KingdomsAvalanche, Klaytn, DFK Chain$5,875,289 (-64%)19,003 (-29%)
Gods UnchainedGods UnchainedEthereum, Immutable X$4,797,357 (-13%)5,304 (+1%)
Planet IXPlanet IXPolygon$1,736,298 (+527%)16,157 (-7%)
Cambria Duel ArenaCambria Duel ArenaBase$598,519 (-)283 (-)
Loaded Lions Mane City
GameLoaded Lions: Mane City
7D Volume (USD)$11,460 (-88%)
7D UAW2,318 (-10%)
Axie Infinity
GameAxie Infinity
Blockchain(s)Ethereum, Ronin
7D Volume (USD)$17,457,900 (-38%)
7D UAW41,624 (-3%)
DeFi Kingdoms
GameDeFi Kingdoms
Blockchain(s)Avalanche, Klaytn, DFK Chain
7D Volume (USD)$5,875,289 (-64%)
7D UAW19,003 (-29%)
Gods Unchained
GameGods Unchained
Blockchain(s)Ethereum, Immutable X
7D Volume (USD)$4,797,357 (-13%)
7D UAW5,304 (+1%)
Planet IX
GamePlanet IX
7D Volume (USD)$1,736,298 (+527%)
7D UAW16,157 (-7%)
Cambria Duel Arena
GameCambria Duel Arena
7D Volume (USD)$598,519 (-)
7D UAW283 (-)
As of 21 Dec 2023
Sources: Research, DappRadar

Gaming Token Performance

The total market cap for gaming tokens now stands at $19.05 billion, dropped by -0.47% from last week.

Screenshot 2023 12 22 At 1.41.33 pm

News Highlights

  • Virtual gaming world The Sandbox transitioned its digital marketplace from Ethereum to Polygon, aiming to reduce fees and enhance user experience. This move allows users to mint assets at a lower cost and sell their creations, earning royalties on resales. As part of the transition, The Sandbox Marketplace is unveiling over 100 new digital artworks created by 30 artists from The Sandbox’s Creator Fund programme.
  • Renowned auction house Sotheby’s generated $450,000 in sales from auctioning ‘BitcoinShrooms’ NFTs. The collection features pixelated artworks created by an anonymous artist known as Shroomtoshi.
  • Yuga Labs introduced a new wrapper called ‘CryptoPunks 721’ for the popular CryptoPunks collection. It allows the early NFTs, which were created before the widely used ERC-721 standard, to be traded and utilised more effectively. Wrapped CryptoPunk NFTs can benefit from the advantages of ERC-721, enabling actions such as borrowing against the asset.
  • A hacking incident occurred on the NFT trading platform NFT Trader, where compromised old contracts resulted in the theft of high-value NFTs, including Bored Apes, Art Blocks, World of Women, and VeeFriends. The founder of and a 16-year-old coder identified the faulty code and helped remove the exploits. Users are advised to revoke any allowances linked to the compromised contracts to protect their assets.

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