NFT & Blockchain Gaming Weekly (22/09/2023)

Loaded Lions introduces Mane City Awards & Access Pass system. Casey Rodarmor proposes using unstable numbers for inscriptions in Bitcoin Ordinals. Magic Eden integrates Solana’s cNFTs.

Sep 22, 2023 NFT and Gaming

Chart of the Week

Casey Rodarmor, the creator and chief coder of Bitcoin Ordinals, proposed to change the numbering system of the protocol’s inscriptions. He suggested making the numbers “permanently unstable” to simplify the codebase and facilitate future protocol changes. This is because maintaining a unique and stable inscription number for each Ordinal NFT has resulted in complicated code and hindered development.

Image15 1

New Project Spotlight

NFT Collectibles

[LIVE]m00m world | genesis’ is a project by m00m consisting of 4,200 total m00m shipping container creatures (dynamic PFP NFTs). A limited supply of 1,000 will be available exclusively on Each collectible is minted with varying degrees of rarity, powers, and utility within ‘m00m world’, its Virtual Interaction Platform (VIP).

Image6 1

[COMING SOON] LOFI Pods Mystery Box NFT‘ features utility-driven NFTs designed for LOFI EQ, an app that enables live streaming fans to monetise their watch time. It was created by lofi_buzz, a team of tech experts from AWS, Samsung, and leading startups.


Blockchain Games

[LIVE] The ‘Mane City Awards’ collection features four unique trophy NFTs for the top 10 tycoons in Loaded Lions: Mane City’s Competitive Mode leaderboard. Top-ranked tycoons will receive exclusive awards which grant them a boost for future seasons. These include the ‘Lion’s Tenacity Award’, ‘Bronze Valour Award’, and ‘Silver Spirit Award’ NFTs.

[LIVE] Loaded Lions: Mane City is introducing the Mane City Access Pass system. Land NFT holders are recognised as Access Pass providers and can invite others to join the game by sharing their unique access code. Access Pass providers will earn Diamond bonuses based on their referrals’ in-game purchases. The more players join and spend in the game, the larger the Diamond rewards and Competitive Mode prize pool become. Land NFT holders also benefit from an increased Diamond generation rate. Newcomers can join Loaded Lions: Mane City with an access code and become part of the community of tycoons. Mane City aims to provide a collective journey of growth and prosperity for all players, with more updates and announcements to come soon.

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NFT Metrics

The following table shows select top collections (by weekly sales volume on each platform):

PlatformLogoCollectionSales Volume (USD)Floor Price
OpenSeaImage34Bored Ape Yacht Club$6,175,450 (-47%)$40,522
OpenSeaImage24Mutant Ape Yacht Club$5,667,677 (-57%)$7,893 Land – The First Frontier$82,561 (-8%)$89
Crypto.comImage30Loaded Lions$41,775 (-3%)$919
MintedImage3VVS Miner Mole$5,873 (+26%)$114 Land – The First Frontier$1,574 (-47%)$95
CollectionBored Ape Yacht Club
Sales Volume (USD)$6,175,450 (-47%)
Floor Price
CollectionMutant Ape Yacht Club
Sales Volume (USD)$5,667,677 (-57%)
Floor Price
LogoImage10 Land – The First Frontier
Sales Volume (USD)$82,561 (-8%)
Floor Price
CollectionLoaded Lions
Sales Volume (USD)$41,775 (-3%)
Floor Price
CollectionVVS Miner Mole
Sales Volume (USD)$5,873 (+26%)
Floor Price
LogoImage10 Land – The First Frontier
Sales Volume (USD)$1,574 (-47%)
Floor Price
As of 21 Sep 2023 Sources: OpenSea, Minted, Research

Blockchain Game Metrics

The following table shows selected top games by weekly volume in USD:

GameBlockchain(s)Volume (USD)UAW
Image16Loaded Lions: Mane CityCronos$108,068 (-34%)3,403 (-7%)
Image2Gods UnchainedEthereum, Immutable X$5,377,650 (+88%)4,299 (+29%)
Image12Axie InfinityEthereum, Ronin$5,225,040 (-12%)38,569 (-4%)
Image7Treasure DAOEthereum, Arbitrum$4,525,992 (+15%)1,359 (+8%)
Image9 CopySuperWalkKlaytn$673,473 (-14%)56,753 (-2%)
Image19 CopyGalactic QuadrantBNB Chain$387,477 (+149%)219 (+11%)
GameLoaded Lions: Mane City
Volume (USD)$108,068 (-34%)
UAW3,403 (-7%)
GameGods Unchained
Blockchain(s)Ethereum, Immutable X
Volume (USD)$5,377,650 (+88%)
UAW4,299 (+29%)
GameAxie Infinity
Blockchain(s)Ethereum, Ronin
Volume (USD)$5,225,040 (-12%)
UAW38,569 (-4%)
GameTreasure DAO
Blockchain(s)Ethereum, Arbitrum
Volume (USD)$4,525,992 (+15%)
UAW1,359 (+8%)
Image9 Copy
Volume (USD)$673,473 (-14%)
UAW56,753 (-2%)
Image19 Copy
GameGalactic Quadrant
Blockchain(s)BNB Chain
Volume (USD)$387,477 (+149%)
UAW219 (+11%)
As of 21 Sep 2023 Sources: Research, DappRadar

Gaming Token Performance

The total market cap for gaming tokens now stands at US$8.27 billion, growing by +6.2% from last week. Gaming Top Gainers and Losers

News Highlights

  • Magic Eden announced the integration of Solana’s compressed NFTs (cNFTs). cNFTs are a cost-efficient and scalable alternative to traditional NFTs, as their data is compressed and stored off-chain. This compression allows for the larger-scale production of NFTs at a low cost. 
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is preparing an event that aims to provide a unique and interactive experience for Web3 enthusiasts, digital artists, and crypto-curious individuals. The event will feature panel discussions on various topics related to the evolving digital world, including blockchain technology’s potential in entertainment, art, and fashion. It is set to take place at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal on 5 November 2023.
  • Krafton, the creator of popular video game PUBG: Battlegrounds, unveiled its upcoming NFT-driven metaverse game called ‘Overdare’. It aims to provide a game creation experience similar to Roblox and is built on the Settlus blockchain. The game will allow users to create their own shooter games, RPGs, and action RPGs using generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools.
  • Meta extended its Horizon Worlds 3D virtual world platform from virtual reality (VR) headsets to mobile and web platforms. The initial experience available is a game called Super Rumble, a free-for-all shooter. Meta plans to introduce more experiences and worlds to the platform in the coming months.
  • NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Blur, and Rarible, have temporarily halted trading of the ‘Stoner Cats’ NFTs. This decision comes after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) classified the collection as a “security” and imposed a $1 million fine. While OpenSea and Blur still maintain an online presence for Stoner Cats, they have disabled the ability to transact with the NFTs.

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