NFT & Blockchain Gaming Weekly (18/08/2023) releases full tutorial for the Loaded Lions: Mane City game. BAPE collaborates with adidas Originals to release a new sneaker. NFT collection ‘y00ts’ announces migration from Polygon to Ethereum.

Aug 18, 2023 NFT GameFi Weekly

Chart of the Week

DeGods, one of the most valuable profile picture (PFP) projects, has experienced significantly increased trading volume in the past week. The community had a negative reaction to the first unveiling of the project’s new ‘Season III’ artwork, where each NFT was linked to four generative art pieces. In response, the team changed course by opting for a simplified design of ‘Art Downgrade’. They also introduced a game dubbed ‘Points Parlor’, which allows users to stake NFTs and earn rewards in return. Nevertheless, the floor price has plummeted as a result of whales unloading their holdings. 

New Project Spotlight

NFT Collectibles

[COMING SOON] Dark Side of The Moon Festival 3023 is a project by Zinkete, an illustrator and street artist. Dropping on 21 August on NFT, it details the fictional “Moon Festival”, during which the Moon becomes a centre of creativity, innovation, and inspiration.

[COMING SOON] Future Worlds is a collection by Oscar Llorens, an illustrator with 15 years of experience working with both national and international clients. This drop features strange worlds that are full of colour and optimism, portrayed through the characteristic elements of the artist’s work. The collection goes live on NFT on 25 August.

Blockchain Games

[LIVE]Loaded Lions: Mane City has released new playbook updates, which include further details on supported platforms and operating systems, as well as a section that deep-dives into the game’s mechanics. The full tutorial for Loaded Lions: Mane City has also been released on YouTube.

[LIVE] The Cronos Stream for ecosystem project sharing and updates featured representatives from the gaming project CroSkulls, and other projects such as Krystal DeFi, Earn Network, and

NFT Metrics

The following table shows select top collections (by weekly sales volume on each platform) and a sample of their art:

PlatformCollectionSales Volume (USD)Floor Price (USD)Sample
OpenSeaBored Ape Yacht Club$14,453,000
$49,100 NFTSYNTHTOPIA$63,900
$50 NFTLoaded Lions$47,500
Sales Volume (USD)$30,402,000
Floor Price (USD)$7,500
CollectionBored Ape Yacht Club
Sales Volume (USD)$14,453,000
Floor Price (USD)$49,100
Sample NFT
Sales Volume (USD)$63,900
Floor Price (USD)$50
Sample NFT
CollectionLoaded Lions
Sales Volume (USD)$47,500
Floor Price (USD)$1,000
Sales Volume (USD)$11,400
Floor Price (USD)$20
Sales Volume (USD)$9,900
Floor Price (USD)$40
As of 18 Aug 2023 Sources: OpenSea, Minted, Research

Blockchain Game Metrics

The following table shows select top games by weekly Unique Active Wallets (UAW):

Sweat EconomyEthereum, Near175K
Hippo Dash by GametaBNB Chain153K
Pandra WarPolygon103K
Carrom BlitzFlow97K
SplinterlandsWAX, Hive, BNB70K
GameSweat Economy
Blockchain(s)Ethereum, Near
GameHippo Dash by Gameta
Blockchain(s)BNB Chain
GamePandra War
GameCarrom Blitz
Blockchain(s)WAX, Hive, BNB
As of 18 Aug 2023 Sources: DappRadar, Research

Gaming Token Performance

The total market cap for gaming tokens now stands at US$8.53 billion, down -15% from last week.

Image 16

News Highlights

  • has released the full tutorial for the Loaded Lions: Mane City game. Loaded Lions: Mane City is a tycoon simulator game, where players design and build the cities of their dreams, and is set to launch in two weeks’ time.
  • Japanese streetwear company BAPE collaborates with adidas Originals to release a limited edition sneaker bound to an associated set of NFTs. Beginning on 22 August,  100 NFTs linked to 100 corresponding physical pairs of sneakers will be available for auction.
  • Popular NFT collection ‘y00ts has announced its migration from Polygon to the Ethereum mainnet. The ‘y00ts’ collection will join its sister collection ‘DeGods’, and subsequently return the grant previously received from the Polygon team.
  • Zynga, the mobile game developer behind Farmville and Words With Friends, has announced its first-ever blockchain game, Sugartown. The game is set to utilise Ethereum-based NFTs, immersing players in an alternate realm where they will encounter creatures known as  ‘Oras’.
  • McDonald’s Singapore is giving away free NFT profile pictures on the Polygon network. Starting from 21 August, the regional branch of the fast food restaurant chain will offer up to 2,000 NFT collectibles featuring the brand’s purple monster mascot, Grimace, wearing different accessories.
  • Decentraland has launched a four-week celebration of the humble emote. Fans of Decentraland will be able to engage with emote spaces, attend workshops, enter competitions, and party through the night.

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