NFT & Blockchain Gaming Weekly – 📈 Loaded Lions Holders Receive Exclusive Benefits in Rewards+

Loaded Lions NFT holders receive exclusive Rewards+ benefits. Heroes of Mavia reaches three million global downloads. NFT market experiences a downtrend in the past week.

Mar 15, 2024 NFT and Gaming

Chart of the Week

The NFT market is currently experiencing a downtrend, leading to lower floor prices for popular collections like ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)’ and ‘Pudgy Penguins’ because of the recent surge in the price of Ethereum. Data shows a decline in the activity and trading volume in Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces. The floor prices (priced in ETH) of top NFT collections have dropped significantly, with ‘DeGods’, ‘BAYC’, ‘Mutant Ape Yacht Club’, and ‘Pudgy Penguins’ seeing declines of 33%, 20%, 16%, and 11% respectively in the past 7 days.

Nft Market

New Project Spotlight

NFT Collectibles


Rewards+ is a App loyalty programme that provides you with a world of benefits based on your trading activity. All ‘Loaded Lions’ NFT holders can skip a Rewards+ level, granting you an exclusive upgrade to the following tier. Get a headstart on your Rewards+ journey with greater Earn Plus bonuses, extra Visa Card rewards, referral bonus boosters of up to US$200, and special trading fee rebates!


[Upcoming] Tactical Gear: Phase 1


The first sales phase of the Elite ‘ Tactical Gear’ drop is exclusively for holders of ‘Loaded Lions’, ‘Dark Lions’, ‘Cyber Cubs’, and ‘ Land – The First Frontier’  NFTs.

These superior weapon and armour NFTs will boost your Abilities in an upcoming Loaded Lions: Mane City update, enabling you to hit harder and defend stronger.

[Upcoming] “The Kick” |  Justin Tucker Genesis Collection


Baltimore Ravens Placekicker Justin Tucker is releasing his very first NFT collection on NFT. The legendary American Football player’s debut drop commemorates pivotal moments in his career with three unique digital collectibles distributed across 1,000 surprise packs.

Collectors have the opportunity to receive memorabilia autographed by Tucker himself, including jerseys, cleats, and photos.

Screenshot 2024 03 15 At 4.35.52 pm

The following table shows selected top games by weekly volume in USD:

Screenshot 2024 03 15 At 4.37.04 pm

Gaming Token Performance

The total market cap for gaming tokens now stands at $43.72 billion, increasing by +12.88% from last week.

Screenshot 2024 03 15 At 4.38.01 pm

News Highlights

  • Heroes of Mavia, a popular Web3 gaming platform backed by Capital, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching three million global downloads just one month after its debut on mobile platforms. The game has seen rapid growth in player numbers, particularly in countries like the US, the Philippines, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, and Indonesia. One of the factors contributing to its success is the integration of its native currency, MAVIA, for in-game governance and enhancements. The MAVIA token has experienced a 14.83% increase in value and is listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges like
  • Sony has filed a patent for ‘Super-Fungible Tokens’ (SFTs) in the gaming industry. These tokens, stored on a distributed ledger, aim to allow players to own unique in-game assets and transfer them to other players. The patent does not specify whether Sony’s blockchain would be public or private, but it indicates the company’s interest in exploring NFTs within its games.
  • Approximately $250 million worth of gaming tokens are set to be unlocked by the end of March, according to a report from Decrypt. These tokens are associated with various cryptocurrency games or gaming platforms. Notable tokens include ApeCoin (APE) from the BAYC ecosystem, PIXEL from the Ronin farming game Pixels, IMX from the Ethereum gaming platform Immutable, YGG from Yield Guild Games, PRIME from the NFT card game Parallel, and GMT from the move-to-earn game Stepn.
  • RON, the native token of the Ronin blockchain, surged by 53% over the past week. The growth of RON could be attributed to the popularity of Pixels, a Web3 game that focuses on NFTs and utilises the PIXEL token. Pixels has attracted over one million unique active wallets in the past 30 days, and has significantly expanded the user base of the Ronin network. Additionally, Ronin has expanded its ecosystem by incorporating other games.

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