NFT & Blockchain Gaming Weekly (12/01/2024)

Azuki will produce an anime anthology series. OpenSea launches an email-based wallet setup. Visa launches a Web3 Loyalty Engagement Solution.

Jan 12, 2024 NFT and Gaming

Chart of the Week

Chiru Labs, the company behind Azuki and Beanz, partnered with director Gorō Taniguchi to produce an anime anthology series aimed at broadening anime’s reach and offering new opportunities for creators. The series will include three stories, enhancing Azuki’s IP, and is set for release later this year. Azuki also reported a possible collaboration with the Weeb3 Foundation, an organisation dedicated to anime and manga culture.Azuki and Beanz NFT sales surged during the hype, with volume growing by 18% and 1,374% week-over-week, respectively. Beanz Azuki

New Project Spotlight

NFT Collectibles

[Live] Boomer Squad: Arcade Game Pass

Boomer Squad is a leading project on the Cronos network consisting of on-chain games, curated NFT collections, immersive events, and innovative protocols. Its team is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with NFTs and leveraging crypto and Web3 for education, storytelling, and gaming.

‘Boomer Squad: Arcade Game Pass’ lets collectors unlock in-game tokens, wallet benefits for upcoming and existing games, exclusive merchandise, and much more. Holders simply need to connect their NFT on the website to dive into this dynamic ecosystem. Boomer Squad: Arcade Game Pass

[Upcoming] Legends of Tank NFT Drop

BattleCity is the creator of Legends of Tanks, an immersive game with a thrilling blend of combat and strategy that’s inspired by the beloved decades-old title, Tank 1990. 

‘Legends of Tank NFT Drop’ features 2,886 Mystery Boxes that can be used to claim three distinct in-game utility items. These NFTs enable players to earn rewards and get access to a series of celebratory events in anticipation of the official game launch. Legends of Tank NFT Drop

NFT Metrics

PlatformCollection7D Sales Volume (USD)Floor Price
OpenSeaAzukiAzuki$34,739,963 (+14%)$19,413
OpenSeaMutant Ape Yacht ClubMutant Ape Yacht Club$27,768,925 (-29%)$10,609 Dark LionsDark Lions$578,846 (+334%)$160 Loaded LionsLoaded Lions$48,891 (+7%)$984
MintedCorgiAI VIP PassCorgiAI VIP Pass$12,845 (+252%)$93
MintedVVS Miner MoleVVS Miner Mole$6,918 (-68%)$250
7D Sales Volume (USD)$34,739,963 (+14%)
Floor Price
Mutant Ape Yacht Club
CollectionMutant Ape Yacht Club
7D Sales Volume (USD)$27,768,925 (-29%)
Floor Price
$10,609 Dark Lions
CollectionDark Lions
7D Sales Volume (USD)$578,846 (+334%)
Floor Price
$160 Loaded Lions
CollectionLoaded Lions
7D Sales Volume (USD)$48,891 (+7%)
Floor Price
CorgiAI VIP Pass
CollectionCorgiAI VIP Pass
7D Sales Volume (USD)$12,845 (+252%)
Floor Price
VVS Miner Mole
CollectionVVS Miner Mole
7D Sales Volume (USD)$6,918 (-68%)
Floor Price
As of 11 Jan 2024
Sources: OpenSea, Minted, Research

Blockchain Game Metrics

The following table shows selected top games by weekly volume in USD:

GameBlockchain(s)7D Volume (USD)7D UAW
Loaded Lions Mane CityLoaded Lions: Mane CityCronos$81,006 (-4.2%)5,573 (+55%)
XterioXterioEthereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum$25,490,080 (-)24,577 (-) Midas MinerMidas MinerBNB Chain$16,694,604 (-)2,913 (-8%)
Axie InfinityAxie InfinityEthereum, Ronin$15,964,164 (+1%)37,167 (0%) Gas HeroGas HeroPolygon$10,221,985 (+67%)7,443 (+36%) xpet techxPet.techArbitrum$4,889,650 (-68%)17,165 (+5%)
Loaded Lions Mane City
GameLoaded Lions: Mane City
7D Volume (USD)$81,006 (-4.2%)
7D UAW5,573 (+55%)
Blockchain(s)Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum
7D Volume (USD)$25,490,080 (-)
7D UAW24,577 (-) Midas Miner
GameMidas Miner
Blockchain(s)BNB Chain
7D Volume (USD)$16,694,604 (-)
7D UAW2,913 (-8%)
Axie Infinity
GameAxie Infinity
Blockchain(s)Ethereum, Ronin
7D Volume (USD)$15,964,164 (+1%)
7D UAW37,167 (0%) Gas Hero
GameGas Hero
7D Volume (USD)$10,221,985 (+67%)
7D UAW7,443 (+36%) xpet tech
7D Volume (USD)$4,889,650 (-68%)
7D UAW17,165 (+5%)
As of 11 Jan 2024
Sources: Research, DappRadar

Gaming Token Performance

The total market cap for gaming tokens now stands at $21.31 billion, grew by +11.86% from last week. Gaming Top Gainers & Losers

News Highlights

  • OpenSea introduced a new feature that simplifies the process of wallet creation and NFT access. Users can now set up a self-custodial wallet with their email address, eliminating the need for complex steps like setting up a traditional crypto wallet. This initiative uses technology from Privy and allows users to manage their NFTs and crypto directly on OpenSea’s platform. The self-custodial wallet supports nine EVM-based chains, including Ethereum and Polygon.
  • Visa launched a Web3 Loyalty Engagement Solution in partnership with SmartMedia Technologies to modernise loyalty programs using digital collectibles and Web3 wallets. This platform aims to offer more engaging customer experiences and new forms of value for loyalty points that are secure and transferable. Businesses can create personalised Web3 experiences and rewards, with the potential for better customer retention and improved business results.
  • Axie Infinity capped the supply of its reward token, Smooth Love Potion (SLP), at 44 billion. This cap aims to stabilise the token’s economy through adjusted in-game rewards. The game’s developers also created a stability fund to maintain SLP’s value, adding to the fund whenever SLP is burned. A new game mode, Premium Cursed Coliseum, has been introduced, with entry fees partly used to support the fund. 
  • Yuga Labs released a new trailer for the third playtest of its metaverse project, Otherside, set for release in February. The trailer received mixed reactions because of concerns about its low frame rate, suggesting potential performance issues. Some community members voiced the need for improved communication from Yuga Labs regarding the project’s future.
  • Elon Musk’s social media platform X (formerly Twitter) has quietly removed the ability for paid Twitter Blue subscribers to use NFTs as their profile picture. While existing NFT profile pictures are still visible, it’s unclear if X will phase them out in the future. This change is part of Musk’s 2024 initiatives for the platform, which focus on peer-to-peer payments and advanced AI tools.

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