NFT & GameFi Weekly (14/10/2022)

OpenSea adds Avalanche NFT support. Doodles announces a Miami mini-golf event. Axie Infinity: Raylights, a land mini game, is now live.

Oct 14, 2022
Weekly NFT and Gamefi Newsletter

Key Takeaways

  • OpenSea added Avalanche support to its online marketplace. According to OpenSea’s rankings, Avalanche’s top two NFT collections of all time are “Smol Joes” and “Smol Lands”.
  • Doodles, a popular and colourful NFT project, announced a Miami mini golf event this winter. The event, DoodlePutt, will take place in Wynwood, Miami, between the 2nd and 3rd of December. 
  • Axie Infinity: Raylights, a land mini game, is live for all landowners. Players can sow minerals, grow plants, and cultivate their plot. The game can be played directly on a browser with no download required.
  • X2Y2 recorded a +43% increase in sales and a -37% decrease in transactions. Meanwhile, OpenSea‘s sales were positive at +28% and its transaction count also increased +11%.
  • The total market cap for GameFi tokens now stands at US$7.75 billion, down -12% from last week. NFT in the Spotlight

  • Action Bears Club is an engaging way for anyone to get involved in offsetting their carbon footprint. Revenue from the NFTs directly funds two global green projects. There are only 300 mystery packs available, with each pack containing one of seven dancing polar bears.
  • Deepest Fears” is a collection of ten NFTs representing ideas that torment us, materialising them, and creating captivating images designed to make something beautiful out of fear. The collection is created by Germán Benito, a seasoned graphic designer from Spain who has a fiery passion for producing remarkably unique pieces of art.

NFT Highlights

GameFi Highlights

NFT Transaction Benchmark

Screen Shot 2022 10 14 At 9.16.17 Pm

The following chart shows select top NFTs and their historical floor prices:

Top Collections

The following table shows select top creators (by sales volume on each platform) and a sample of their art:

PlatformCollectionSales Volume (USD)Sample NFTLoaded Lions$77,000
MintedVVS Miner Mole$119,000
Magic EdenLunar NFT$3,578,000
OpenSeaBored Ape Yacht Club$3,645,000 NFT
CollectionLoaded Lions
Sales Volume (USD)$77,000
CollectionVVS Miner Mole
Sales Volume (USD)$119,000
PlatformMagic Eden
CollectionLunar NFT
Sales Volume (USD)$3,578,000
CollectionBored Ape Yacht Club
Sales Volume (USD)$3,645,000

GameFi Top Gainers & Losers

Screen Shot 2022 10 14 At 9.20.47 Pm

Top Games Metrics

Screen Shot 2022 10 14 At 9.27.30 Pm

Daily Gamers by Blockchain


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