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The Nasdaq goes crypto as the US and Australia prepare for crypto bills

Sep 23, 2022
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Nasdaq, the second-largest stock exchange, is going crypto. The move will satisfy the increasing appetite for digital currencies amonginvestors. Nasdaq hired Ira Auerbach, ex prime broker at Gemini, to head up the new Nasdaq Digital Assets unit. Now, onto the rest of the week’s biggest headlines.

Markets Spotlight

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News Snaps

The Fed decides on rate hike. This week, the Federal Reserve announced a 0.75% basis point markup as it continues to try and tackle rising inflation.. As they continue to try and tackle rising inflation. The Fed rate hike has become an increasingly important point in price movements for the crypto market as a whole. Check out CoinDesk for more.

Australian senator drafts crypto bill. Australian Senator Andrew Bragg has released a new draft bill that aims to regulate digital asset exchanges, especially China’s central bank digital currency e-Yuan. Visit Cointelegraph for the full story.

US Treasury polls public on crypto regulations. CoinDesk reports that the public has until 3 November to give the US Treasury comments on digital assets, including their opinion on regulations and how to address illicit uses of crypto.

Samsung becomes avid blockchain and crypto investor. From September 2021 to June 2022, Samsung invested in 13 major crypto and blockchain companies, including Animoca Brands, Sky Mavis, and Yuga Labs. See Cointelegraph for more.

What’s Ahead

Mina protocol is set to launch its zkBridge next week, on 30 September. This will allow zkApps to be accessible on its network from Ethereum.

NFT Spotlight

Contemporary surrealism collage artist Natasha “POST WOOK” Chomko recently dropped her solo NFT collection “Ethereal Dreamworlds,“ featuring both one-of-a-kind collectibles and rarer works distributed amongst several art packs, each with a different theme.

Creator Community: Natasha "POST WOOK" Chomko

“I use art as a form of therapy, and a lot of my work encapsulates my past experiences, emotions, and fears. My work is riddled with symbolism; each layer, theme, colour, and composition represents some aspect of my journey.”

POST WOOK, on the meaning of her art

An image of the "Pestilence" NFT from the "Ethereal Dreamworlds" collection.

Read’s full interview with POST WOOK or drop on over to the ethereal collection.

Product Picks

Purchase crypto more conveniently with Google PayTM 

Google PayTM is now available for App users worldwide! Android users can now easily purchase crypto on their mobile devices with this fast, simple, and secure payment method. Learn more here.

Automatically trade with precision with 60-plus tokens via Target Price Orders

1INCH, RAY, DAR, DIA, and five more tokens have been added to the growing list of over 60 supported tokens on Target Price Orders. Gain greater control over your trades when you buy and sell tokens at your preferred price. Find out how you can automate your trades with Target Price Orders here.

Centralised bridges in DeFi Wallet DeFi Wallet users can now transfer crypto across networks via the App with Bridge (via Move crypto from over five blockchains to Cronos, and access over 10 tokens including $ETH, $USDC, and $DOT in DeFi Wallet.

Crypto Level Up

4 Types of CRO

Are you a DeFi user? Well, you have probably noticed the different CRO tokens residing on different blockchains. What role does each of them play? 

ERC-20 CRO. This version of CRO lives on Ethereum and allows you to easily swap it with major tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. CRO. The native token of the Chain, this version powers’s payment solutions. You can also stake it to support the blockchain.

CRC-20 CRO. Found on the Cronos blockchain, this version allows you to interact with popular DeFi projects in Cronos like VVS Finance and Ferro Protocol.

Wrapped CRO. You use WCRO to interact with smart contracts and dapps, which you can’t with CRC-20 CRO or CRO.

Learn More About the Different Types of CRO.

Crypto IRL

Nothing brings people together like good food. Opps, don’t forget to count us in! — Our friend @bryanmaym and his friend with Frosted Rose Gold and Ruby Steel Visa Cards.

AMA With Polygon on Twitter Spaces

Tune in to our upcoming AMA with Polygon on Twitter Spaces, happening next Thursday, 29 September at 1 pm UTC. Listen to last week’s episode with Sui by Mysten Lab here

To learn more about Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchains, check out this article by the Research Team.

Featured Merchant

David Kovalevski, founder of Waka Coffee, gave us a wake-up call not to miss out on the convenience of high-end instant coffee paid for in crypto.

Instant coffee and tea don’t quite have the same appeal as French press and loose-leaf. Why do customers choose your products?

Our goal is to make our customers’ lives much easier. Not everyone wants to spend time steeping tea leaves or grinding coffee beans. Many customers want a good cup of coffee or tea that they don’t need to work for. Unlike old-school instant brands, our instant teas and coffees are made from high-quality coffee beans and tea leaves. They taste as close as it can get to coffee from a French press or your loose-leaf tea, without the hassle of making it. Unlike other products, you can add our instant coffees and teas into smoothies and shakes, as they will fully dissolve in your drink.

How are your instant teas and coffees made?

Our instant coffee-making process starts with roasting, grinding, and brewing the beans. Then, the coffee extract is frozen at about -50°C, which preserves the coffee’s aroma and depth of flavour. Then, it is placed under a vacuum, where the frozen liquid sublimates. Sublimation is the process of when the ice immediately changes to steam without defrosting first. 

To process our instant tea, we use the spray-drying method. We start the tea process in a similar way to the coffee, where the tea is dried, oxidised, and then brewed. Our unique spray-drying method uses hot air to gently evaporate the water from the tea, keeping the original flavour and characteristics of the tea. The result is a dissolvable tea powder.

How can customers pay with crypto on your site?

We are happy to partner with Pay to allow cryptocurrency holders the option to pay with over 20 cryptocurrencies! All you need to do is to add your products to the cart, and select Pay as your payment method at checkout. This will link to your account, where you can select what cryptocurrency you’d like to use. It will show you the exact converted price and process your payment.

Have you paid for a cup of coffee with crypto yet?

Just a cup of Waka at this point…


Forks describe a split in a blockchain network, leading to two different versions. This can happen when blockchains add new features to their blockchain, fix known issues, or because they’ve been hacked and must adapt. 

Since blockchain networks are open-source, anyone can contribute to the code. It also allows anyone to suggest changes and improvements that can create updates for a blockchain.

Another reason for forks involves the community gridlocked in a disagreement over the chain. If an agreement can’t be reached, miners can forge a fork to create two different versions of the blockchain. This has happened in the case of Ethereum. Depending on how drastic the changes are, the blockchain will conduct a hard or soft fork.

This Week in Crypto History

The Power of Dogecoin. This time last year, Dogecoin may have lost some of its Musk momentum, but the meme coin remained as popular as ever. AMC CEO Adam Aron even announced he would add support for Dogecoin ticket payments by the end of 2021. Crypto companies, including Robinhood, also announced support for Dogecoin by adding deposits and withdrawals for the currency.

That’s it for this week’s Snapshot. Want more? Head over to our Insta feed for bite-size crypto lessons.

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