DeFi & L1L2 Weekly (02/08/2023) secures registration approval in the Netherlands. MakerDAO passed a proposal to temporarily increase DAI’s interest rate. Curve Finance confirms that various Ethereum pools were hacked.

Aug 02, 2023
DeFi Weekly

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Curve Finance, one of the biggest crypto decentralised exchanges, is experiencing a massive flight of capital after the platform suffered from an exploit resulting from vulnerabilities in an old version of the programming language Vyper. Curve’s total value locked (TVL) has dropped from US$3.25 billion as of 28 July down to $1.67 billion, representing a 50% plunge. Curve Finance Total Value Locked DeFi Index Token Performance 2 Aug
  • The MakerDAO community voted in favour of proposal GOV12.1.2, which will introduce the Enhanced Dai Savings Rate (EDSR). As detailed in the proposal, the EDSR will temporarily increase the effective DSR available to users in the early bootstrapping stage when DSR utilisation is low. TVL of Top Chains 2 Aug Top DEX by Chain 2 Aug

News Highlights

  • has been approved for registration with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) as a provider of crypto services. This licensure milestone follows a comprehensive review of’s business and compliance posture in line with Netherlands’ Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act.
  • The MakerDAO community voted in favour of proposal GOV12.1.2, which will introduce the Enhanced Dai Savings Rate (EDSR) to temporarily increase the interest rate granted to DAI holders.
  • Cardano launched the Mithril protocol on its mainnet on 30 July. The Mithril upgrade aims to increase blockchain speed and efficiency, particularly by reducing node syncing time without compromising security. 
  • CLabs, the development team behind the carbon-negative, mobile-first blockchain Celo, passed its proposal to migrate from an EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchain to an Ethereum Layer-2 solution. 
  • Over $47 million in various digital assets have been drained in a series of attacks on the decentralised exchange Curve Finance (CRV) on Sunday. Upwards of $100 million worth of cryptocurrency are at risk because of a reentrancy bug in certain versions of Vyper, a programming language used for writing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This leaves four Curve Finance pools (alETH/ETH, msETH/ETH, pETH/ETH, and CRV/ETH) vulnerable, but all other pools are safe and unaffected by the bug.
  • A month after its launch, zkSync-based DeFi aggregator protocol Kannagi Finance has initiated an exit scam, draining about $2.4 million in the process.
  • On 31 July, Twitter users began reporting that the BALD memecoin’s deployer account had removed 1,034 ETH in liquidity, allegedly initiating an exit scam and causing the token’s price to fall to near-zero.
  • LeetSwap, a decentralised exchange built on Coinbase’s Layer-2 blockchain Base, has halted trading amid fears of an exploit, with reports that liquidity pairs on Base had been exploited for approximately 340 ETH (roughly $630,000).

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