What Is a Roadmap?

A roadmap outlines a strategic step-by-step process of the objectives, milestones, goals, and expected outcomes of a cryptocurrency project. Roadmaps work as a checklist, with outlined details about a project’s goals and timeline to be reached. They commonly accompany decentralised finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and many other crypto projects.

With roadmaps, backers can see the project team’s ambitions and the direction the project is taking. Roadmaps also double as a way to hold a team accountable; however, they are not set in stone. Teams have the freedom and ability to make changes to a roadmap if they realise these would be better suited to reaching project goals. 

Examples of roadmaps include the Loaded Lions NFT project and the VVS Finance DeFi project.

Key Takeaway

A roadmap conveys the objectives, goals, and milestones of a project to potential backers.

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