What Is HODL?

A term that stands for ‘Hold on for dear life’, HODL means to hold onto an investment for a relatively longer period of time, even when the market dips. Typically, those in the cryptocurrency space use the term HODL when things aren’t going well with a project. However, it is also used as a way to convey to other traders that they should continue holding onto their investment during a bull market instead of taking their profits right away.

The term was first coined in 2013 in a Bitcoin forum where user Gamekyuubi stated “I AM HODLING.” It’s assumed this was a spelling error and they meant to say ‘holding’ instead. The term HODL was then adapted from this post and became the acronym for ‘Holding on for dear life’.

Key Takeaway

HODL is a crypto slang term used to represent a style of investing. It stands for ‘Hold on for dear life’, meaning to hold onto investments for a long period of time, through both bull and bear markets.

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