What Is FUD?

An acronym that stands for ‘fear, uncertainty, and doubt’, FUD is a commonly used term in the cryptocurrency world. It can be interpreted as a strategy used to negatively impact a project, and generally is used to spread negative sentiment about a project in the form of false or misleading information.

A person who FUDs can be referred to as a FUDster, and there are many reasons why someone would FUD a project. Often, individuals do this because they feel as if there are glaring issues with a project and it has undeserved attention. Another reason is to manipulate the market.

FUDsters create FUD with the intention to make the value of a project fall, thus creating a cheaper entry price for themselves.

Key Takeaway

A strategy to mislead people on a certain project, FUD stands for ‘fear, uncertainty, and doubt’. It is the act of spreading misleading or false information about a project to negatively impact it.

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