The FLIP, LINK, MATIC, RONIN & TIA Trading Competition Is Live in the Trading Arena

The top 20 traders will win up to US$1,000

Feb 07, 2024

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A new trading competition is live in the Exchange Trading Arena!

Participants can win up to US$1,000 in USDC by simply Spot trading at least US$100 worth of FLIP, LINK, MATIC, RONIN, and/or TIA pairs.

Campaign Period: 7 February 2024, 07:00 UTC – 14 February 2024, 06:59 UTC

How to participate:

  1. Sign up or sign in to the Exchange
  2. Register for the campaign in the Trading Arena during the Campaign Period
  3. Spot trade at least US$100 worth of any or a combination of the following pairs:
    • LINK/BTC
    • TIA/USDT

Total Reward Pool: US$5,000 in USDC

The top 20 users ranked by Spot trading volume (“Selected Entrants”) will win up to US$1,000 of USDC, with prizes distributed according to the table below.

Rank (by Trading Volume)Prize (USDC)
Rank (by Trading Volume)1
Prize (USDC)$1,000
Rank (by Trading Volume)2
Prize (USDC)$700
Rank (by Trading Volume)3
Prize (USDC)$600
Rank (by Trading Volume)4
Prize (USDC)$500
Rank (by Trading Volume)5
Prize (USDC)$400
Rank (by Trading Volume)6
Prize (USDC)$300
Rank (by Trading Volume)7
Prize (USDC)$250
Rank (by Trading Volume)8
Prize (USDC)$200
Rank (by Trading Volume)9
Prize (USDC)$175
Rank (by Trading Volume)10
Prize (USDC)$125
Rank (by Trading Volume)11-20
Prize (USDC)$75

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Campaign Rules:

– The FLIP, LINK, MATIC, RONIN, TIA Trading Limited Offer (the “Campaign”)  is offered by to Exchange users. Not available in certain jurisdictions. 

– This campaign is unavailable in the UK and Canada. Participation from UK or Canadian residents or individuals accessing this campaign from the UK or Canada is prohibited.

– Participation in the Campaign is strictly optional.

– In addition to these rules, please refer to the Official Rules for Limited Offer for further rules regarding eligibility. 

– Any trades that are executed through bad trading practices in’s absolute opinion, including, but not limited to, wash trades, false trading, self-dealing, or trades that display any attributes of market manipulation (“Disqualified Trades”) will not be counted toward the transaction volume of the participant.

– Participants of the Campaign must have successfully completed KYC verification, and all other onboarding procedures specified on the Exchange, and comply with all Campaign rules provided by to be eligible.

– will disqualify any entry from participants who do not meet the eligibility requirements as solely and absolutely determined by

– reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or postpone the campaign or amend the campaign rules at our sole discretion without notice to you.

– The determination of Selected Entrants shall be subject to’s sole and final discretion. 

– The rewards will be deposited in USDC into each Selected Entrant’s account on the Exchange within 21 days after the Campaign End Date.

– All Selected Entrants will receive a confirmation email within 21 days after the Campaign End Date.

– By participating in the campaign, the participant acknowledges having read these rules and the Global Marketing Privacy Notice, which is published at, and acknowledges that will use the information provided for the purposes of identity verification, assessing the participant’s eligibility to participate in the Campaign, Leaderboard inclusion, and prize redemption.

– Nothing contained herein shall be construed to be financial advice. Nothing contained herein shall constitute a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer by to invest, buy, or sell any digital assets. Purchasing cryptocurrencies involves a high degree of risk, and there is always the possibility of loss, including the loss of all or a substantial amount of your purchase price. Please seek professional advice before making any financial, investment, or trading decisions.

– Leaderboard rankings do not confer, guarantee, represent or imply eligibility or entitlement for any competitions, giveaways, offers or other campaigns (“Events”), or prizes from such Events, during that period. Participation in any Event is subject to applicable rules and eligibility criteria, governed by the terms and conditions specific to that Event,  and subject to confirmation at the sole and absolute discretion of

– In the event of any dispute, reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the Campaign.

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