signs NFT MoU with Fantagio to drop NFT for ‘Uptown Boy’, the debut song of metaverse idol Miu, co-produced by Fantagio and Fellaz.

Aug 09, 2022

August 9, Korea —, the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency platform, announced that it has signed a MoU with general entertainment company Fantagio for collaboration in NFTs. Through this partnership, the two companies will cooperate in promoting various NFT projects in the entertainment sector.

As their first collaborative project, the companies will introduce a music NFT in recognition of metaverse idol ‘Meta Miu’. ‘Meta Miu’, a project co-developed by Fantagio and Web3 entertainment platform Fellaz, is a female solo K-pop artist working in the metaverse. ‘Meta Miu’ will be managed based on a participant-centered fandom community within the Fellaz platform, and members who have obtained subscriptions on the platform through NFTs will have the right to access exclusive content. will drop five music NFTs of Miu’s debut song ‘Uptown Boy’ on its NFT marketplace on August 11. Four types of the NFT will contain different parts of the song and only one type will contain the full song. Holders who hold the full song version NFT, or have collected all separate parts of the full song NFT, will obtain the Fellaz ‘light stick’, which is the subscription to the Fellaz platform, and gain access to their exclusive content.

“Through this MoU, we want to introduce a new fandom culture for the Web3 era, where fans and artists can be directly connected through NFT,” said Patrick Yoon, General Manager of Korea. “We will collaborate with Fantagio to discover new ways for fans around the world to experience K-content.”

“I’m very happy to announce the launch of the Meta Miu project, which we have co-developed with Fellaz,” said Sean, Head of Fantagio’s New Business department. “Our partnership with Fellaz and is a great opportunity for Fantagio to experience the new market of Web3 fandom.”

“This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce the world to the debut song of Meta Miu, which we have produced with Fantagio,” said Fellaz CEO Bobby Bhatia. “Beginning with the drop of the Meta Miu NFT on, we will showcase one-by-one the blueprint for the next-generation entertainment business that Fellaz is planning.” NFT is one of the largest NFT platforms in the world, distributing exclusive content from famous artists, athletes, and sports leagues, including the UFC, Aston Martin, Formula 1 Racing Team, Boy George, and Snoop Dogg. Collectors and fans can purchase and trade NFTs through the NFT platform, and easily pay with credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrency through Pay.


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About Fantagio

Fantagio Co., Ltd. is a management company with actors such as Yoon-sik Baek, Seong-woo Ong, Hyun-sung Lim, Mi-hwa Kim, Hyun Kim, and Ye-rin Park, and idol groups such as Astro and Weki Meki, and is also a comprehensive entertainment company actively expanding its business scope to music and drama production.

About Fellaz

Based in Singapore, Fellaz offers next generation social graph based, subscription fandom platforms as a solution for entertainment companies, artists, and fans that want to enter the Web 3.0 ecosystem. It has its own full stack metaverse content production studio and distribution capabilities to optimize original content production and the IP business. In addition, Fellaz provides the sports entertainment industry with blockchain based ticket solutions for concerts and sports games as a core service. For more information, see

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