Donates to University of Oxford’s Department of Computer Science

The gift will support work on fintech, regtech, and post-quantum security at Oxford’s Blockchain Research Centre

Jun 24, 2022
Supporting New Academic Research

Singapore, June 24, 2022 –, the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency platform, announced today that the company has committed a two-year gift to support research at the University of Oxford’s Department of Computer Science. 

Goals of the Gift
Work supported by the two-year research gift will be pursued through the University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre, which aims to further the usage of blockchain and related technologies to create a more secure, fair and transparent decentralised society that transcends national boundaries while respecting local laws and regulations, and under the leadership of Professor Bill Roscoe. In addition to his leadership of the research centre, Professor Roscoe’s work focuses on several areas relevant to blockchain technologies and capabilities, such as creating distributed trust without Proof of Work with the aim of conserving resources.

Supporting Independent, Academic Research devotes substantial resources to supporting cutting-edge research to improve and drive greater understanding of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, enhance blockchain security, and foster collaboration between academia and the private sector.

The University of Oxford is one of the oldest and most acclaimed research institutions in the world. For the fourth year running, the university has been ranked first in the world for Computer Science in the Times Higher Education 2022 World University Rankings. Establishing the University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre is just one example of how the university is devoting significant resources to blockchain research.

This gift follows several other academic initiatives has committed to since 2021. has also supported the foundation of a new blockchain lab in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania and the Secure Blockchain Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University – both globally leading academic institutions in blockchain research, as well as independent research on Bitcoin security through the Digital Currency Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab.

Research at maintains its own Research & Insights team of experienced academic researchers that publish a monthly series of open-access reports on topics ranging from crypto market size to security with the goal of educating the global crypto community.

“Professor Bill Roscoe and his team are on the frontier of rethinking blockchain mining and building trust. This collaboration will allow us to better understand new models of privacy and escrow in the blockchain, and to create more secure blockchain-based exchanges,” explained Dr. Henry Hon, Head of Research at “At we believe that security and data privacy are the keys to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption, and the research being done by Professor Roscoe at the University of Oxford will contribute to the crypto community achieving this goal.”

Founded in 2016, serves more than 50 million customers with over 5,000 people in offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and is the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency platform. Our vision is simple: Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™. Built on a foundation of security, privacy and compliance, is committed to accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrency and empowering the next generation of builders, creators, and entrepreneurs to develop a fairer and more equitable digital ecosystem. Learn more at

About Prof. Bill Roscoe & University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre
Professor Bill Roscoe has been a fellow of Oxford’s University College since 1983 and is a former head of Oxford University’s Department of Computer Science. Find out more about his research here.

University College Oxford Blockchain Research Centre is an initiative of University College Oxford, one of the constituent colleges of Oxford University, and led by Prof. Bill Roscoe.

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