December 2021 Updates

Mars NFTs dropped, we acquired two exchanges, and the arena opened its gates – here are the December highlights.

Jan 03, 2022

This month, we continued to scale our presence in the U.S.: the App now supports Instant Deposit for U.S. users, and we acquired Nadex and the Small Exchange, making it possible for us to quickly expand derivatives and futures products in the country.

Cronos has made significant progress since its launch, reaching 1.9 billion TVL, 69 projects, and over 9 million transactions so far. It launched an IBC channel that links to Cosmos Hub, facilitating cross-chain ATOM transfers, among other tokens.

The Chain and Cronos Chain have also released new binaries and pursued several network upgrades. Meanwhile, Cronos’s incentivised testnet event, Cassini, led to the completion of 15 million transactions and the proposal of 200,000 blocks.

We also launched The Mane Net to provide Loaded Lions NFT hodlers with contests, VIP experiences, airdrops, and other utilities.

On the product side, we launched several new features and upgrades, including Crypto Dust Conversion, the One-Cancels-the-Other order type, and increased fiat bank transfer limits on the Exchange. For VIPs and institutions, we introduced exclusive Soft Staking rewards and lowered the minimum trading amount for the OTC Portal.

Lastly, our Fortune Favors the Brave global campaign released the new Kiss Vignette, and airdropped Mars NFTs to the lucky few who discovered a hidden QR code in the #FFTB ad.

Here are all the highlights from the month of December:

Highlights: Arena Opening Night

On Christmas Day, the world’s most iconic arena officially took on a new name: Arena. To commemorate opening night, we’ve created a limited-edition NFT. Learn more here.

Fortune Favors the Brave Global Campaign: Kiss Vignette

FFTB Brand Campaign

Our #FFTB global campaign continues with a new scene: Kiss Vignette, inspired by four simple words that have been whispered by the intrepid since the time of the Romans.

See the film:


Mars NFT Announcement

Starting from 28 December, the exclusive Mars NFT collection will be airdropped to the lucky few who discovered a hidden QR code in the #FFTB Film. Learn more here. Becomes a Gold Member of the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme is now supporting the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme (SBIP) as a Gold Member. Learn more here. Acquires Nadex and the Small Exchange From IG Group has executed a sale and purchase agreement to acquire the North American Derivatives Exchange® (Nadex®) and the Small Exchange. The acquisitions will enable to provide its U.S.-based customers with the opportunity to trade certain derivatives and futures products. Learn more here. Presents #YearinCrypto

2021 was truly one for the crypto history books—filled with new top gainers and all-time highs. We invited users to revisit 2021 by checking out their #YearinCrypto, where they could view personalised stories based on the coins and trades they made. Learn more here. Joins L.A.’s Angel City Football Club (ACFC) as a Founding Partner

We’re now a founding partner and the official cryptocurrency and NFT partner of the ACFC. Deepening the relationship with Los Angeles and its sports fans, the partnership is the first direct sponsorship of a professional women’s sports team by a major cryptocurrency platform. More details here. Expands Free Crypto Tax Tool to Germany

We’re excited to share that Tax is now available to users in Germany, in addition to the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. More details here. Chain Updates:

Draco — Phase II of the Chain Is Now Live

Draco will support native token issuance on the Chain via IBC solo machines. Learn more here

New Features on the Chain Desktop Wallet

The Chain Desktop Wallet introduced the DApp Browser, allowing users to connect with DApps without having to leave the Desktop Wallet. The first DApp supported is VVS Finance on Cronos, with more on the way. More details here. Chain Dev Update 17

Dev Update 17

We recently released the new binaries for the Chain and Cronos Chain, with several other network upgrades in the works. Learn more here. App Updates: App Now Offers Instant Deposit to U.S. Users

Instant Deposit via ACH is now available to App users in the U.S. This feature allows users to connect their bank account to the App, and get access to deposited funds immediately to make crypto purchases. More details here.

Exploration and Learning Missions Added to the App’s Reward Programme

Double Defense and Scam Shield have been added to the Missions feature. App users can earn Diamonds when they enable 2-Factor Authentication and create an Anti-Phishing Code. Users can also complete a Mission by reading an article in University. Stay tuned for more exciting Missions and rewards. App Integrates With Myinfo for Faster and Simpler Sign-Ups

Singapore residents can now enjoy a faster and simpler sign-up process for the App via Singpass. They can retrieve data from Myinfo by logging in with their Singpass, and use it to fast-track the identity verification process. Learn more here. App Lists 15 Tokens 10 App Listing (1)

BICO, IMX, HOD, OXT, GODS, JASMY, ANY, TRU, SPELL, PYR, SUPER, RADAR, JOE, CVX, and AP13 have joined the growing list of 250+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins that are available in the App. Buy crypto at true cost now.

New Deposit and Withdrawal Tokens

SDN, IMX, HOD, OXT, GODS, JASMY, ATOM (Cronos), HBAR, SUPER, RADAR, BICO, ENJ, RUNE (BEP2), and ELON (Cronos) deposits and withdrawals are now supported in the App.

New Trading Pairs

LUNA/ETH and ONE/ETH are now supported in the App. Buy crypto at true cost now.

Crypto Credit Now Supports AVAX, KLAY, LUNA, and SOL

Users can now deposit AVAX, KLAY, LUNA, and SOL as collateral on Crypto Credit, and instantly secure a loan at a 50% loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. More details here.

Get Up to 3% p.a. on VVS Finance (VVS) With Crypto Earn

Users can now enjoy up to 3% p.a. interest on their VVS deposits. Private users are entitled to bonus interest of up to 5% p.a. More details here. Price Updates: Price Launches the Telegram Price Bot 

Users can now check the prices of their favourite tokens via Telegram anytime they want. Check it out at Price Introduces the NFT Collections Page

It is now easier than ever to keep track of the most anticipated drops. Check it out at Pay Updates: Pay x Cronos

We are pleased to announce that Pay now supports the Cronos network from any wallet. With this integration, users can pay using CRO, ETH, and USDC on Cronos. More tokens will be supported soon. More details here. DeFi Updates: DeFi Wallet Integrates With VVS Finance Swap DeFi Wallet is the first wallet to support VVS Finance natively. Users can seamlessly swap Cronos tokens directly via the built-in Swap function in the DeFi Wallet app (requires V1.23.0 or above). More details here. DeFi Wallet Adds 22 New ERC20 Tokens

PEOPLE, KEYS, FROGGIES, MCC, REU, BTV, DORA, IMX, GODS, JASMY, ARV, ANY, SPELL, API3, SGE, VRX, RADAR, CLIFF, EDU, SINU, AAC, and SRN have joined the growing list of 200+ DeFi tokens that are available in the DeFi Wallet App. Deposit now. DeFi Wallet Adds 22 New BEP20 Tokens

LKT, GM, SLD, DGA, THG, EMPIRE, ANN, CPAN, ZUKI, SIN, HERO, PETS, PIZA, ZIL, LLG, GALA, ELEF, RHT, HPAD, PAPPAY, NYT, and MOWA have joined the growing list of 200+ DeFi tokens that are available in the DeFi Wallet App. Deposit now. DeFi Wallet Adds 6 New Cronos Tokens

ATOM, DOGE, LINK, TONIC, ENJ, and ELON have joined the growing list of 200+ DeFi tokens that are available in the DeFi Wallet App. Deposit now. Exchange Updates:

RUNE Exclusive Campaign

Exchange users have the chance to win a share of the prize pool worth USD 50,000 in RUNE by depositing and trading the token from 23 December 2021 to 7 January 2022. Campaign details here.

Exclusive Soft Staking Rewards Now Available for Retail VIPs and Institutional Users 

Retail VIPs and institutional users can now enjoy exclusive Soft Staking rewards and higher APR of up to 12% for select tokens in the Exchange. Soft Staking allows users to earn rewards simply by holding a balance in their Exchange account. More details here.

One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO) Order Type Is Live in the Exchange

The OCO order type is now available for Spot and Margin Trading. OCO orders enable users to perform trade automation during up and down market movements, so they can effectively take profits and mitigate potential risks. Learn more here.

Exchange Reduces Minimum Trading Amount for the OTC Portal

The minimum trading amount for OTC block trades has been lowered to USD 50,000. All institutional and retail VIP clients can now get instant and custom quotes on block trades for over 10 trading pairs, namely BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, ADA/USDT, XRP/USDT, SOL/USDT, BTC/USDC, ETH/USDC, ADA/USDC, XRP/USDC, and SOL/USDC. Trade in large blocks with competitive rates now. Exchange Launches BTC and ETH Monthly Futures

February Monthly ETHUSD and BTCUSD Futures Contracts are now available in the Derivatives Exchange, in addition to January Monthly Futures, Q4 Futures, and 2022 Q1 Futures. Users can settle in USDC, control their account leverage, and enjoy discounted trading fees based on the amount of CRO they stake in the Exchange. More details here. Exchange Launches BTC and ETH Quarterly Futures

Q2 ETHUSD and BTCUSD Futures Contracts are now available in the Derivatives Exchange, in addition to January and February Monthly Futures, Q4 Futures and 2022 Q1 Futures. Users can settle in USDC, access adjustable leverage, and enjoy discounted trading fees based on the amount of CRO they stake in the Exchange. More details here.

New Perpetual Contracts Are Now Available in the Exchange

The SHIBUSD, ENSUSD, and CHRUSD Perpetual Contracts are now available in the Exchange. Traders can use USDT, USDC, and DAI as collateral, access leverage of up to 100x, and enjoy discounted trading fees based on the amount of CRO they stake in the Exchange. More details here.

New Leveraged Pairs Added to Margin Trading on the Exchange

Margin Trading now supports new leveraged pairs, namely GALA/USDT, XYO/USDT, ILV/USDT, EPS/USDT, KAVA/USDT, IOTX/USDT, MIR/USDT, QI/USDT, RNDR/USDT, DAR/USDT, and MATIC/USDC. Margin Trading allows users to amplify their trading profits through borrowed funds during both up and down market movements and access up to 10x leverage for supported trading pairs. More details here.

New Listings on the Exchange

We listed HOD, IMX, BOND, NMR, OXT, POWR, GODS, JASMY, POLS, BICO, HBAR, SUPER, RADAR, and ANY on the Exchange. Trade them now.

New Deposit and Withdrawal Tokens

RUNE (BEP2), ATOM (Cronos), HBAR, SUPER, LINK (Cronos), USDC (AVAXC), ENJ (Cronos), ELON (Cronos), and IQ (EOS) deposits and withdrawals are now supported in the Exchange. Trade them now.

New Trading Pairs

The SAND/USDC, FLOW/USDC, XYO/USDC, SPELL/USDC and DERC/USDT  trading pairs are now available. Trade them now.

Cronos Updates:

Cronos Incentivised Testnet Results

08. Cronos Incentivised Testnet ResultsCassini, the Cronos Incentivised Testnet, has successfully concluded with builders and testers completing over 15 million transactions and proposing 200K blocks. Participants had the opportunity to compete against each other while completing tasks according to the Cassini official rules. Learn more here.

Cronos Launches IBC Channel to Cosmos Hub

We are excited to announce the launch of an IBC channel between Cronos and Cosmos Hub to facilitate cross-chain ATOM token transfers in a decentralised manner. More details here.

Cronos Ecosystem Grants

We’re very excited to announce the official launch of Cronos Ecosystem Grants. Learn more about what it entails, the requirements, and how to apply here. NFT Updates: NFT Drops in December

Here are the NFT drops from December:

  • “Honda’s Helmets” – 6Foot4Honda
  • “Powerful Portraits” – gervisuals
  • “The Ecstasy Series” – Laprisamata
  • “Other Worlds” – Caitlyn Grabenstein
  • “Leaders of the Metaverse” – Sameer Baloch
  • “Broken Heart” – ACHILLE LAURO
  • “​​The Witnesses” – AFTERFUTURE
  • “Forever” – Rank SSS
  • “Murda Beatz NFT Collection” – Murda Beatz
  • “UFC 269” – UFC
  • “Cryptoverse Collection #3 – Miner Mole (VVS)” –
  • “Mélység” – VA Lokos
  • “Heavy Metal Presents: Krampus Games” – Heavy Metal
  • “76ers Legacy 03: W’s” – Philadelphia 76ers
  • “PsychoKitties: The New Era” – Ugonzo Art
  • “Black Santa: Giving Has No Season” – blacksanta
  • “Quantum Landscapes” – lacabezaenlasnubes
  • “Cryptmas Bingo” –
  • “CryptoAngels Collection 1: CryptoAngels on Earth” – CryptoAngels
  • “Mohammad Amir” – DeFi The Game
  • “Welcome to Cybertown” – Jun
  • “76ers Legacy 04: Buckets” – Philadelphia 76ers
  • “Atlético Brazilian Champions” – Atletico_Mineiro
  • “A Stars Phantasma” – Rosco Adrian
  • “Whale Life” – Barbara Redekop
  • “Satori Moon” – Fifi Rong
  • “CyberSquadUniverse” – Kaan Asici
  • “Cyberspace Tales Of The Past” – Nibera

Don’t miss out. Check out the latest drops on Capital Updates: Capital Invests in BlockchainSpace and YGG SEA Capital 4. Capital X Capital is proud to participate in funding rounds for BlockchainSpace, and YGG SEA to support their journey.

Community Updates: Attends European Blockchain Convention

Our COO Eric Anziani and EVP, Operations Mariana Gospodinova joined the European Blockchain Convention. More details here. Attends TAB Radio Finance Live Interview 

Our COO Eric Anziani spoke at TAB Radio Finance Live Interview. Missed it? Watch it here.


We hosted a live AMA with Markus Levin, Co-founder of XYO, on 21 December to discuss and answer viewers’ questions about the project. Missed it? Watch it here. Is Accredited and Featured on 8 Protocols’ Official Websites

11 8 Protocols’ Official Websites was accredited and featured on the official websites of eight protocols, namely Belt Finance, MATH, X World Games, GoCrypto, My Master War, Dose, TrustVerse, and Kambria. Price Widgets Are Integrated With 22 Token Websites Price Widgets were integrated with 22 token websites to expand their reach.

21 Tokens’ RSS News Feeda Successfully Integrated With Price

12 20 Token Website Price was successfully integrated with the news feeds of 21 tokens, enabling users to gain first-hand updates from these projects. Supports 7 Mainnet Upgrades supported network upgrades for Tezos, Theta, Chain, Stacks, Flow, Ethererum, and Cosmos in December.

Events of the Month:

Cryptmas Bingo Packs

To celebrate the holiday season, we dropped 5,000 “Cryptmas Bingo Pack” NFTs and gave away USD 200,000+ of CRO and exclusive NFTs to the winners. Campaign details here.

IMX Exclusive Campaign App users had the chance to win a share of the USD 100,000 prize pool by trading IMX. Campaign details here.

DeRace x Giveaway

We gave away 5 DeRace NFT horses to users who traded at least USD 200 of DeRace (DERC) in the App. Campaign details here. Pay x CoolBitX Christmas Promotion teamed up with CoolBitX for an exclusive Christmas promotion. ​Users could save USD 20 on the CoolWallet Pro when they used promo code ‘CRYPTO20’ between 15 and 22 December 2021. More details here. Overtaker of the Race Contest: SaudiArabianGP Edition

Users who made a prediction of who will make the most on-track overtakes at the Formula 1 STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2021 won exclusive prizes. Campaign details here.




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