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Who Accepts Bitcoin Payments in 2024?

Who Accepts Bitcoin Payments in 2024?

A look into some of the brands and retailers that accept Bitcoin — and how to still buy with BTC when a business doesn’t accept cryptocurrency.

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Who Accepts Btc

Key Takeaways

  • Retailers worldwide accept Bitcoin as a secure way to pay for goods and services.
  • A limited but substantial number of companies accept direct cryptocurrency payments, while others accept Bitcoin and other tokens through third-party apps.
  • Cryptocurrency debit and gift cards expand the usability of Bitcoin, allowing holders to transact in spaces that don’t otherwise accept cryptocurrency.
  • Options like the App support paying with Bitcoin for participating retailers and brands, bundling security with incentives like rebates and rewards.
  • Despite variability in direct merchant acceptance, options like Pay ensure that dedicated crypto enthusiasts can effectively use Bitcoin in everyday commerce.

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Companies large and small are accepting cryptocurrencies alongside traditional forms of payment. In this article, we explore some of the companies that now accept Bitcoin (BTC) as direct currency or through partnerships with third-party payment processors. We also show ways that Bitcoin holders can use their cryptocurrency as payment when the vendor doesn’t have an accommodation for crypto enthusiasts.

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How to Make Purchases With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalisation, and many companies allow holders of BTC to use it as a form of payment. Others may not, but it doesn’t completely close the door on using money in a cryptocurrency wallet to make a purchase. There are a few different ways cryptocurrency users can spend BTC on goods and services:

  • Direct Bitcoin payments to the retailer or their third-party processor.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets that store digital currency and function as third-party payment apps.
  • Cryptocurrency debit cards through Visa or Mastercard.
  • Cryptocurrency gift cards that work like any other gift card.

What cryptocurrency payment to use depends on the vendor and what they support. With the options above, though, consumers can find a way to use crypto to purchase just about anything.

While some big names have an inconsistent relationship with cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and its counterparts continue to gain traction in places with less fanfare. Currently, over 15,000 businesses worldwide accept Bitcoin, including about 2,300 companies in the United States. Most crypto-friendly companies are small businesses, and shoppers may not think to ask if they take Bitcoin. In California alone, over 400 companies accept cryptocurrency, from nail salons and sushi restaurants to convenience stores and auto repair shops.

CNBC reported in July 2022 that almost three-quarters of senior executives surveyed said they expected their businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments within the next two years. Meanwhile, let’s cover alternative methods to direct cryptocurrency payments while still using Bitcoin for virtually any purchase, even if a company doesn’t have a direct way to accept it.

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Where to Spend Bitcoin With the App

Below are 17 Online Stores That Accept Bitcoin Through the App

Many of the businesses listed below accept BTC directly from a customer’s cryptocurrency wallet (or partner with third parties) to allow shoppers to complete transactions with cryptocurrency, while others have been hesitant to accept cryptocurrency as a direct payment method. Many other companies are small online retailers or local businesses that accept BTC, but it may not be immediately apparent without asking directly. In any case, the opportunities for paying directly with cryptocurrency are still pretty limited.

Fortunately, there’s no need to wait for more companies to adopt BTC as a native payment option. Access a vast pool of household brand names with a third-party cryptocurrency payment app. Choosing an option that allows users to buy, sell, trade, hold, or even short Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies while giving them the power to spend them where they shop makes it easy to get everything done in one place.

The App is a streamlined way to spend Bitcoin and 30-plus other cryptocurrencies on 150-plus popular brands. Shopping with cryptocurrency holdings is easy with Pay. Users simply download the App, set up their account, verify their identity, and accumulate Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. Then, they can shop online anytime, directly from the App. 

Below is a sampling of the 150-plus stores where shoppers use their BTC holdings to purchase products, from everyday staples and luxury brands to technology and travel accommodation services:

1. Apple

Upgrade to a new iPhone, get the latest Apple Watch, or buy a new laptop with Bitcoin. Stay up to date with Apple products and get 1.5% back on purchases made through the App.

2. Alternative Airlines 

Receive up to 4% back when booking a flight through Alternative Airlines in the App. Alternative Airlines offers tickets for every major airline and many regional ones. Use BTC or 100-plus other cryptocurrencies for a business trip or vacation getaway.

3. Aveda

Get 9% back when spending cryptocurrency at Aveda’s online beauty store. Buy professional-quality skin and hair products online, or find a nearby location and use Bitcoin to book a salon visit.

4. Best Buy 

Buy electronics and services with cryptocurrency from the convenience of home. Whether it’s a Bluetooth speaker, home entertainment system, or washing machine install, Best Buy offers it all for Bitcoin holders.

5. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s has everything from fine jewellery to designer clothes to home espresso machines. Use the App to shop for top trends and best sellers, from cashmere sweaters to luxury baby strollers. 

6. Columbia Sportswear 

Exchange Bitcoin into a cosy fleece with outdoor outfitter Columbia Sportswear. Enjoy 7% rewards when using cryptocurrency to stock up on tents, sleeping bags, and other essential gear for outdoor activities. Take a hike or relax by the campfire with Bitcoin purchases.

7. Christian Dior 

Shop this iconic fashion house with a cryptocurrency wallet and get 7% back on high-end fashion purchases. From sleek, timeless jewellery and elegant watches to bold-statement handbags, Dior is a luxury incarnate — and paying with Bitcoin is a gateway to a world-class fashion experience.

8. Disney

From Star Wars to Marvel to PIXAR, the online Disney store delivers beloved characters and unforgettable experiences, now available to buy with BTC. Use cryptocurrency to do holiday shopping for the kids — and maybe a few adult kids. Cryptocurrencies aren’t magic, but they can buy a little magic from this best-known global purveyor.

9. Expedia Pay offers travel options, and Expedia is another no-fail Bitcoin booking choice. Turn Bitcoin into local or international flights or entire vacation packages. Explore popular destination spots and get last-minute weekend deals, all with the privacy and security of cryptocurrency.

10. Gamestop

From Final Fantasy to Super Mario Brothers, Gamestop has it all. Use cryptocurrency to deck out a gaming setup with premium controllers, headsets, and plenty of new games. Bitcoin can’t save the princess from the villain’s castle, but it can help the hero start the adventure.

11. Nike 

Work out in style with Nike’s latest and greatest shoes and apparel. Shop with Bitcoin for Air Jordans or everyday workout gear for the gym. Use Bitcoin and customise a pair of shoes with Nike By You. Get out the App and ‘just do it’.

12. PlayStation 

Shop the latest PlayStation console, accessories, and collector’s edition games directly from the PlayStation store using Bitcoin. Dive into virtual reality with HD headsets and explore new worlds with breakthrough technology that keeps improving. Let cryptocurrency bring hours of action to the living room. 

13. Pottery Barn

Clean and classic, Pottery Barn offers furniture and decor from barstools to bathroom towels. Bitcoin isn’t very cosy itself, but it can purchase a plush area rug or a comfy sectional. Take advantage of free design services, start a wedding registry, or buy a set of handcrafted drinking glasses using Pay in the App.

14. Ray-Ban

From classic aviators to customisable frames that fit any personal style, Ray-Ban is a great place to buy glasses with Bitcoin. Pay with cryptocurrency for home delivery or in-store pickup. Ray-Ban offers free fittings and adjustments, and shoppers get 7% back on purchases when they spend BTC using the App.

15. Sharper Image

Sharper Image makes home living more comfortable with items ranging from massage chairs to air purifiers. Spend cryptocurrency on luggage, home bartending supplies, and gadgets of every shape and size — and get 9% back on Pay purchases.

16. Walmart 

The App is the gateway for spending Bitcoin on many luxury brands. But sometimes people just need the basics, and BTC can buy those, too. Use cryptocurrency to stock up on pet treats, batteries, groceries, and much more. Every purchase nets 2% back on the stuff people have to buy anyway.

17. Travala

Bitcoin travels well, and it helps holders travel well, too. Travala supports direct payment with cryptocurrency, but it also offers extra rewards for Pay users, who can save up to 4% with the App.

Cryptocurrency Payments Made Easy 

This list is just a handful of the 150-plus brands accepting Bitcoin through the App. It offers fast, secure, blockchain-encrypted transactions that exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies for the products and experiences shoppers want.

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How to Use Bitcoin With Businesses That Don’t Accept Cryptocurrency

The number of companies accepting Bitcoin directly or through a third-party app continues to grow. Meanwhile, the App offers cryptocurrency payment options and rewards for the world-class brands listed above and many more. But BTC holders might still want a backup cryptocurrency option for grocery shopping or a night out. Fortunately, spending Bitcoin and dozens of other cryptocurrencies anywhere is possible using crypto gift and debit cards.

Spend Cryptocurrency Using Debit Cards

Numerous cryptocurrency debit card options support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for retail purchases. To simplify things, keep everything in one place and streamline the cryptocurrency payment experience with a card from The Visa Card offers no annual fee, free ATM withdrawals, everyday purchase rewards up to 5%, and rewards up to 10% on select travel booking sites.

Spend Cryptocurrency Using Gift Cards

Convert cryptocurrency into gift cards to use as cash or gifts. At, use Bitcoin holdings to buy gift cards from a variety of popular stores. Below are a few of the companies offering gift cards:

  • Food and beverages: Uber Eats, Grubhub, Panera Bread, Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Groceries: Whole Foods, Instacart, Safeway
  • Fashion: Adidas, T.J.Maxx, H&M, Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy
  • Entertainment: AMC Theatres, Hulu, Fandango, Twitch
  • Transportation: Uber, Lyft
  • Airlines: Southwest, American, AirlineGift
  • Hotels: Airbnb, Regal,
  • Other retailers: Target, Home Depot, eBay, DoorDash

Gift cards are the perfect way to send appreciation to friends and family. Use BTC to hook someone up with credit to spend on their favourite products. Plus, get between 2.5% and 10% back when buying crypto gift cards through the App

Pros and Cons of Different Bitcoin Payment Options

What’s the best way to spend Bitcoin? As we’ve seen, it depends on how and where holders plan to use cryptocurrency for shopping. Below we summarise the pros and cons of the various Bitcoin transaction options available today.

Spending Bitcoin Directly

Cryptocurrency adoption is growing, with more national and multinational companies offering cryptocurrency transactions to pay for their goods and services. Early crypto adopters paved the way by providing relatively easy options to buy their products with BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Whether a company supports Bitcoin payments directly from a cryptocurrency wallet or requires a third party, the process is generally straightforward.

Pros: This is a big step forward for cryptocurrency holders and retail businesses. Crypto-friendly companies can save on transaction fees by accepting cryptocurrency instead of credit cards and have the option of passing these savings on to customers. Supporting these crypto pioneers drives acceptance of BTC as a direct pay option; and, of course, customers enjoy the security of encrypted transactions.

Cons: The list of companies offering direct cryptocurrency payments is still short, so access is limited. It also takes some effort to navigate each company’s Bitcoin transaction requirements.

Making Cryptocurrency Payments Through a Third-Party App

While waiting for more companies to support direct cryptocurrency payment options, an alternative method of payment is by getting a third-party app. Many companies accept BTC through these tools, letting users spend cryptocurrency similarly to how they shop with PayPal or Google Pay.

Pros: With the App, shop 150-plus popular stores and brands for all types of goods and services. Many of these purchases earn rewards, and the App makes these transactions secure and easy. Plus, the App supports cryptocurrency trading and shopping all in one place for ultimate simplicity.

Cons: There aren’t really any cons to paying with the App, but users may want a crypto debit card as a backup for shopping with non-partner companies.

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Crypto Debit Cards 

With a crypto debit card, customers don’t have to wait for a vendor to support Bitcoin payments. Skip the wait and get a crypto debit card to fill in the cracks wherever a retailer doesn’t accept cryptocurrency wallet payments.

Pros: Debit cards ensure holders can always access their cryptocurrency in order to pay. With the Visa Card, there are no annual fees, free ATM withdrawals up to $1,000/month, and several tiers of reward options.

Cons: There are many cryptocurrency cards out there, but they aren’t all created equal. Individual terms and conditions apply, so read the fine print with any debit card. 

Crypto Gift Cards

Another easy way to convert cryptocurrency into tangible goods and services is by purchasing gift cards. Instead of pulling out a wallet, use the App to buy gift cards from dozens of the most popular national and international chains.

Pros: Gift cards for a favourite restaurant or store are a great way to show appreciation to colleagues, family, and friends.

Cons: Gift cards are specific to a given retailer and may have expiration dates. As with cash, there’s always the chance to lose a physical card and the value it stores.

Streamlining Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Transactions

Cryptocurrencies are a popular asset, and Bitcoin and other digital currencies are also gaining literal currency as a direct payment method for everyday purchases. Crypto enthusiasts enjoy the peace of mind that comes with secure, encrypted holdings and transactions. However, as with any emerging technology, cryptocurrency adoption is uneven, and cryptocurrencies aren’t yet a universal payment method.

Download the App today to start buying with Pay. Securely buy, sell, hold, and spend BTC and over 250 other cryptocurrencies with one convenient digital cryptocurrency wallet.

Due Diligence and Do Your Own Research

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With more than 15,000 stores ranging from international brands to small, local businesses worldwide accepting Bitcoin, holders can find merchants for nearly anything they want.

Prominent companies currently accepting Bitcoin include Subway, Burger King, ExpressVPN, and Newegg. Others like Amazon and Sony’s Playstation Network allow Bitcoin holders to convert digital coins into gift cards, indirectly supporting crypto payments. Organisations like Wikipedia also accept Bitcoin donations, as well.

Bitcoin holders looking to spend cryptocurrency at other retailers should consider third-party platforms like the App, which allows users to spend their cryptocurrency through partnerships with well-known brands like Nike, Apple, and Best Buy.

Bitcoin enthusiasts can even get cryptocurrency debit cards from Visa or Mastercard and use them nearly everywhere. Check out our University article on what you can buy with Bitcoin for more info.
Merchants looking to accept Bitcoin have two options. First, they can create a Bitcoin wallet with a public address and share it with customers. Larger organisations may consider running a ‘full node’ on the Bitcoin network for security reasons, which is how they would accept Bitcoin directly from customers. Our University article on how to use Bitcoin contains more information.

Alternatively, merchants can partner with a crypto processor to facilitate Bitcoin transactions. Pay allows merchants of all sizes to start accepting Bitcoin in minutes, with a dashboard that makes it easy to send invoices and manage Bitcoin payments. Plus, there are no transaction or setup fees. Pay offers integrations with popular e-commerce services like Shopify and OpenCart.

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