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In a one-of-a-kind event, five generative sound-reactive artworks were created live on-stage during the July 5 Milan date of the Achille Lauro Superstar tour Music and technology joined together to give visibility to emerging digital artists and help the study and treatment of childhood leukemia Students from the BigRock school, Italy's leading visual arts and CGI school, came up with creative concepts for the songs Roma, Solo noi, Marilù, Rolls Royce, and C'est la vie that produced real, one-of-a-kind digital paintings through the use of neural networks The concert, thanks to the contribution of virtual entertainment brand LIVENow, went live-streamed on the metaverse of The Nemesis The operation was supported by PwC Italy, a professional services organization and industry leader in Web3 and Metaverse consulting All proceeds will go to support the Maria Letizia Verga Committee These NFTs will be showcased in "Directed By Achille Lauro" on Hadem metaverse by Valuart

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