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The Cyber Squad Universe Drop is a series that contains unique characters with unique identities and background stories. Each member of this group has unique extraordinary powers and looks. The Cyber Squad began as a group of extraordinary individuals who were assembled to rob intergalactic banks. Since then, the squad has expanded its members and changed its goal to control the world. They are the most dangerous group galaxies ever seen. CyberSquad is a supervillain group in a universe where 90% of the life forms are built and created by a company called Stargen Omega Industries. They can extract any DNA sequence from ancient ruins to paintings and this can allow them to regenerate any life form, from ancient pharaohs to mythological gods, but they are also controlling almost all life forms in the entire universe and they destroy anyone who gets their way. Intergalactic Space Security Department and Stargen Omega Industries work together to stop the supervillain class.

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