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Kryptomon PvE Celebration

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Kryptomon PvE Celebration's average price is N/A USD (7D) with a sales volume of 0 USD (7D). Kryptomon PvE Celebration is 0.00% for the last 7 days. The latest floor price of Kryptomon PvE Celebration is 20.00 USD with a total volume of N/A.
Kryptomon is celebrating another advancement towards the formation of its metaverse. After Tamagotchi launch and Breeding we are now introducing our latest in-game development - Player vs Environment! Each of the 2000 mystery boxes will contain a single Kryptomon egg that will hatch your very own Kryptomon you could nurture, take care of and train to become a Kryptomon league champion. A key to the expansive world of Kryptomon, each Kryptomon is uniquely generated from 38 different genetic traits that determine everything from it’s prowess in battle to how often it needs to be fed.

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