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"Outer Gods"

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In the beginning, the Creator slept immersed in nothingness, lulled into the torpor of non-existence. At the end of its rest, the One woke up, giving rise to the universe and starting to expand, fragmenting itself more and more, spreading across space like wildfire. The One, during its existence created various metaphysical beings that it needed to sustain itself, they were called "Outer Gods”, fractured parts of the One's essence birthed by its consciousness. Emanations nevertheless capable of enjoying free will. One day humanity, tempted by The Fallen, succeeded through the application of alchemical practices to tear the veil that divided the material from the metaphysical world, discovering the existence of the One and provoking his anger, leading it to wage a war against mankind, using the Outer Gods as weapons and more. The “Outer Gods” NFTs collection shows us the emanations that appear in the story of this never-ending war between the Creator and the Creation.

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