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Epic Elephants Squad

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About Epic Elephants Squad

A family of 4,000 elephants known for their heroic history came around to a vast community popularly known as Ethereum blockchain. Since their arrival, they’ve been working on designs and artworks that will speed up the community’s growth using the ERC-721. They fought off enemies that came to kidnap and kill their fellow animals with their strength and endurance. Because of this, the community leaders awarded them with the title “Epic Elephants”. FREE TO MINT 20% royalties to animals foundation

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UTC 22/02/2022, 10:00:00AM


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20% Epic Elephant has been working hard to reward committed members.Airdrops and giveaways will be organized 40% Massive competition time. A time to win 1 ETH. The prize pool increases as more milestones are hit. Any holders can enter and win. 60% Merchs giveaways and Free Airdrop will be organized for members who are holding Epic Elephants. 80% We will donate 20,000 USD funds to an animal charity decided by our community members 100% All Epic FREE CLAIM Reveal Roadmap 2.0

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