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About EgldRush

Each NFT comes with a massive utility and grants access to members-only benefits such as: - VC Co-Holders and revenue sharing; - Passive income; - Dedicated VIP Crypto Club with expert crypto research & analysis; - Weekly rewarding system; - EgldRush Treasure; - Access to projects in early stages, exclusive drops; - DAO; - Be part of a Private Investment Fund; - Burning mechanism and more.

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UTC 07/07/2022, 12:00:00AM


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The Project is divided into 2 phases: # In Phase 1 EgldRush will be involved in everything new, profitable, and viable on the Maiar DEX. # In Phase 2, EgldRush will play a major role as follows: - Funding (EgldRush Private Investment Fund - it will work as a Venture Capital); - Support & guidance from us and our Partners; - Web design at its finest; - Tools and Social Platforms; - Blockchain tools; - Full Marketing for upcoming blockchain projects - etc

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