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This series is a tribute to the legends that have given us so many moments of passion, suffering and joy on the field — unique stars with lights of their own, who have made soccer an art form. This is a small tribute to the big star that heads this drop, offered by the AFA in collaboration with the FTI — in its first official collection of digital art. There are some very special redeemables distributed among all of the open edition NFTs in this drop at random: an official soccer ball signed by Messi and friends from the national Argentina team, an official Argentina jersey signed by Messi and friends from the national Argentina team or an official hat signed by Messi and friends from the national Argentina team. Each item will also come with a photo of Messi and others signing the merch. There are only 5 of each redeemable (5 balls, 5 jerseys and 5 hats), totaling 15 altogether — so the more you purchase, the higher your chances of receiving any of these special items.

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