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Shining Harmony

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Shining Harmony's average price is N/A USD (7D) with a sales volume of 0 USD (7D). Shining Harmony is 0.00% for the last 7 days. The latest floor price of Shining Harmony is 4.00 USD with a total volume of N/A.
The balance between nature and the universe that sowed the seeds of my love for organic abstraction has always inspired me. Consisting of digital sculptures created using procedural geometry and shapes found in nature, Shining Harmony's aesthetic and philosophical approach is a tribute to nature and the universe and the synergy that exists in its functioning. The abstract sculptures in the pieces I create imitate a flow in nature, creating a new meaning in their own reality through color and form. While creating my works, I try to leave a message that affects the audience, and at the same time I try to enable the audience to activate the beauty, emotions and awareness they perceive around them.

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