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Enhancements to NFT

Enjoy reduced service fees, a revamped profile page, and more

Sep 27, 2022

We’re pleased to announce that NFT has been enhanced with a suite of upgrades. These include a revamped profile page, reduced service fees, an enhanced NFT minting experience, and more. Here are the full details for each enhancement:

Profile Page Revamp 

Users can look forward to a revamped “My Profile” page for a more enjoyable and seamless experience when browsing through their own profile or when they’re checking out other NFT users:

  • “My Profile”has been reconstructed to appear more visually appealing for users.
  • Search, sorting, and filtering features have been added to “My Profile”, allowing users to easily sift through their collection.

Enhanced “Top Collections” Section 

Explore the hottest drops on NFT and discover their floor price, total trading volume, and number of collectibles. Now, there’s also the “Unique Buyers” filter that lets users know how many unique buyers have purchased NFTs from a particular collection during a specific timeframe. Lastly, the “Verified” tab makes it easy for users to view collections that are verified by NFT.

A Better NFT Minting Experience

In addition to Chain, users are now able to create and mint NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, and Cronos. Additionally, users can assign traits to their collectibles and even mint MP4 files as NFTs. 

Reduced Service Fees

There won’t be any additional extensions to our reduced service fee offer as we will be permanently reducing service fees for both buyers and sellers to 1.99%. All NFT users can continue to enjoy trading their collectibles for a fixed fee of 1.99% per transaction, with no hidden fees or charges.

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