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Supernerds Meta

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About Supernerds Meta

The Supernerds Club is more than just an NFT Collection. We represent the hustlers, grinders, go-getters and innovators. We are building a community and long term brand focused on art and fashion on the blockchain. We are in this for the long term and have been active in the NFT community since 2021. The Meta Collection is minting on 29th March. Visit to get whitelisted.

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UTC 29/03/2022, 06:00:00PM


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Our project roadmap is focused on long term sustainability and creating a brand which will continue to grow not only over the coming months but also the coming years. After successful mint we will launch the Supernerds Merch Store, Create a Dashboard for Supernerd holders, launch a unique mutation mechanism serum, launch our Wearable collection and continue to pursue entry into the Metaverse. We want to build with our community and look to work together to decide on projects moving forward.

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