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Mouthless Monsters

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About Mouthless Monsters

The Mouthless Monsters consist of 10,000 characters who are trying to survive a toxic planet known as Scorpius B. None of the monsters know why they have awoken on this planet, as it is not their home world, but all they can do is try to survive and figure out what is going on. Each NFT has a trait, with a secret code, that when submitted on the website, will reveal a physical reward. Some rewards consists of physical prints of the NFT, Acryllic plaques of your NFT, Merchandise, or even all incl

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UTC 20/04/2022, 09:20:00PM


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April 20, 2022 - Public Mint At each 10% Minted milestone, we will donate 8 Ethereum to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. At 25% minted, we will unlock the website secret code functionality related to the NFT mint holders physical reward for them to submit their code, and redeem their in real life reward. For the duration of the minting, anyone who mints a 1:1 character (10 in total) will get 1 Ethereum airdropped into their wallet (All 1:1s will be mintable).

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