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Own Every Word: The Word Wizards

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Own Every Word: The Word Wizards's average price is N/A USD (7D) with a sales volume of 19 USD (7D). Own Every Word: The Word Wizards is 0.00% for the last 7 days. The latest floor price of Own Every Word: The Word Wizards is 4.00 USD with a total volume of N/A.
"Many moons ago, a disgruntled wizard created a dictionary featuring the REAL definitions and pronunciations of words. He kept his dictionary hidden from the general public for fear of ridicule from his ex-wife. After the wizard died of natural causes, he bequeathed to a hapless group of comedians, this sacred text. This group used magical crypto-currency mumbo jumbo to transform this sacred text into Own Every Word, an NFT project that allows one to own all words EVER CREATED. This PFP collection of 10,000 unique Word Wizards includes 9 traits: background, skin, nose, cloak, wand, hat, eyes, beard, and accessories with varying rarity and 5 completely unique 1-of-1 legendary Word Wizards. This collection separates the early Own Every Word adopters from the latter-day chafe, so hodlers get the best stuff on the roadmap."

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